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Gayle M. Volk, Adam D. Henk, Christopher M. Richards, Philip L. Forsline, and C. Thomas Chao

botanical variety of M. dasyphylla . Furthermore, M. kirghisorum is described as distinct from M. sieversii because it grows adjacent to relic Juglans regia forests as part of a mesophilous Turgai forest flora with a limited range in Dzhungareskei and

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Bruce W. Wood

application and fruit ripening was enough to have no detectable effect on shuck split (based on visual observations). Discussion The ability of AVG, as ReTain, to enhance pecan fruit retention is consistent with similar effects on certain walnut ( Juglans

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Penelope F. Measham, Audrey G. Quentin, and Nicholas MacNair

, M. Lacointe, A. Ameglio, T. 2011 Are budburst dates, dormancy and cold acclimation in walnut trees ( Juglans regia L.) under mainly genotypic or environmental control? Intl. J. Biometeorol. 55 763 774 Chung, U. Mack, L. Yun, J.I. Kim, S.H. 2011

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Jay M. Lillywhite, Jennifer E. Simonsen, and Richard J. Heerema

Tree nuts are a popular food in the United States, used as both a stand-alone snack and as ingredients in other food dishes. Common tree nuts, such as almonds ( Prunus dulcis ), pecans, and walnuts ( Juglans regia ), have a number of nutritional

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Michael W. Smith and William D. Goff

portion of the budwood shoot) the shoot 3 weeks before harvesting for budwood nor the combination of the two affected budding success. Patch budding is also a commonly used propagation technique for persian walnut ( Juglans regia ). A study conducted in

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Theocharis Chatzistathis, Ioannis Therios, and Dimitrios Alifragis

constitute a detoxification mechanism to olive trees, protecting the above-ground part of the tree from Mn toxicity. Under Mn excess/toxicity conditions also, other plant species such as Mentha spicata , Citrus sp., Pseudoaccacia sp., Juglans regia

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Weiping Zhong, Zhoujun Zhu, Fen Ouyang, Qi Qiu, Xiaoming Fan, and Deyi Yuan

anthers of lpomoea cairica Ann. Bot. Fenn. 48 256 262 Mert, C. 2010 Anther and pollen morphology and anatomy in walnut ( Juglans regia L.) HortScience 45 757 760 Mitsuda, N. Seki, M. Shinozaki, K. Ohme-Takagi, M. 2005 The NAC transcription factors NST1

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Whitney J. Garton, Mark Mazzola, Nairanjana Dasgupta, Travis R. Alexander, and Carol A. Miles

wounds on susceptibility of avocado stems to infection by Phytophthora citricola Plant Dis. 78 700 704 Fawcett, H.S. 1915 Melaxuma of the walnut: Juglans regia . Univ. California. Bul. 261 Galinato, S.P. Gallardo, K. Miles, C.A. 2014 2013 Cost

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Smiljana Goreta, Daniel I. Leskovar, and John L. Jifon

., 2004 ; Russo and Díaz-Pérez, 2005 ). Regardless of the limitation of A CO2, enhanced vegetative growth of pepper, walnut ( Juglans regia L.), and tomato ( Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) were reported as well ( Irmak et al., 1999 ; Nitzsche et al

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Yahia Othman, Dawn VanLeeuwen, Richard Heerema, and Rolston St. Hilaire

CO 2 availability in the leaf and could lead to photo-oxidative stress and generation of reactive oxygen species ( Wujeska et al., 2013 ). When leaf water potential of walnut ( Juglans regia ) trees was ≈–1.9 MPa, the percentage loss of hydraulic