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Carolina Contreras, Nihad Alsmairat, and Randy Beaudry

1242 1246 Watkins, C.B. Rosenberger, D.A. 2000 Honeycrisp—Some preliminary observations. 2000 Cornell Fruit Handling and Storage Newsletter. < > Whitaker, B.D. 2004 Oxidative stress and superficial scald

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Jennifer R. DeEll, Jennifer T. Ayres, and Dennis P. Murr

reduced superficial scald development, peel greasiness, and various chilling-related disorders ( Bai et al., 2005 ; DeEll et al., 2002 ; Fan and Mattheis, 2001 ; Fan et al., 1999b ; Rupasinghe et al., 2000 ; Watkins and Nock, 2005 ). The efficacy of 1

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Jinwook Lee, In-Kyu Kang, Jacqueline F. Nock, and Christopher B. Watkins

Watkins, 2008 ), diffuse flesh breakdown ( Lee et al., 2016 ), core browning ( DeEll and Ehsani-Moghaddam, 2013 ), fruit cracking ( Lee et al., 2016 ), flesh breakdown ( Lee et al., 2013 ), peel greasiness ( Dong et al., 2012 ), and superficial scald

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Renae Moran, Jennifer DeEll, and Cindy B.S. Tong

if highly susceptible apples could be detected and segregated from apples placed in storage. This has been shown with superficial scald in the less susceptible ‘Cripps Pink’, but not in the highly susceptible ‘Granny Smith’ ( Farneti et al., 2015

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Lisa G. Neven

some postharvest disorders such as superficial storage scald ( Klein, 1994 ; Klein and Lurie, 1992 ; Klein et al., 1990 ; Lurie et al., 1990 , 1991 ). Although the temperatures and heating rates used in these studies did not effectively control

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Chunyu Zhang, Xuesen Chen, Hongwei Song, Yinghai Liang, Chenhui Zhao, and Honglian Li

products of α-farnesene can induce superficial scald disorder, which occurs in apple and pear fruit after several months of cold storage ( Huelin and Coggiola, 1970 ; Isidoro and Almeida, 2006 ; Rowan et al., 2001 ). Wild apples have higher contents of

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Elena de Castro, William V. Biasi, and Elizabeth J. Mitcham

reduced superficial scald incidence on apple fruit, and there was an additive effect of 1-MCP in a CA. If a mechanism that causes quality loss is ethylene dependent, 1-MCP has the potential to reduce that loss of quality. Our goal was to determine the

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Jinwook Lee, James P. Mattheis, and David R. Rudell

, acidity, and soluble solids concentration ( Bai et al., 2005 ; Fan et al., 1999a ). 1-MCP prevents apple superficial scald ( Fan et al., 1999b ; Rupasinghe et al., 2000 ; Watkins et al., 2000 ) and can reduce incidence of soft scald of ‘Fuji’ ( Fan et

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James P. Mattheis, David R. Rudell, and Ines Hanrahan

.E. de Freitas, S.T. Padda, M. Mitcham, E.J. 2010 Short anaerobiosis period prior to cold storage alleviates bitter pit and superficial scald in Granny Smith apples J. Sci. Food Agr. 90 2114 2123 Prange, R. Delong, J. Nichols, D. Harrison, P. 2011 Effect

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Corina Serban, Lee Kalcsits, Jennifer DeEll, and James P. Mattheis

also impacts development of fruit physiological disorders including senescent breakdown, CO 2 injury, CI, and superficial scald ( Blankenship and Dole, 2003 ; Contreras et al., 2014 ; DeEll, 2010 ; DeEll et al., 2015 ; Fan et al., 1999b ; Watkins