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C. Yang, D.Y. Jiao, Z.Q. Cai, H.D. Gong, and G.Y. Li

increases in yield, and modification of plant constituents ( Rademacher, 2015 ; Tantasawat et al., 2015 ). Most studies on the participation of these compounds in apical meristems have been conducted with the five classical groups (i.e., auxins, cytokinins

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Vicente Gimeno, James P. Syvertsen, Inma Simon, Vicente Martinez, Jose M. Camara-Zapata, Manuel Nieves, and Francisco Garcia-Sanchez

were only significantly decreased by flooding in VL/V/SO. Fig. 3. Net assimilation of CO 2 (A CO2 ), stomatal conductance ( g S ), instantaneous leaf water use efficiency (WUE = A CO2 /leaf transpiration), CO 2 ambient concentration: CO 2 substomatal

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Chenping Xu and Beiquan Mou

measured after leaves were adapted in darkness for 30 min. Leaf net photosynthetic rate (Pn), transpiration rate (Tr), and stomatal conductance ( g S ) were determined on the two largest leaves of each plant using a portable IR gas analyzer (LI-6400XT; LI

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Smiljana Goreta, Daniel I. Leskovar, and John L. Jifon

transpiration ( Bittelli et al., 2001 ; Jifon and Syvertsen, 2003 ). Emulsions of wax, latex, or plastics that dry on the foliage and form thin films can also minimize escape of water from the plant by decreasing stomatal conductance ( g s ) and thus

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez

in ‘Stiletto’ and lowest in ‘Lafayette’ ( Table 1 ). Stomatal conductance, transpiration, water use efficiency, and PSII efficiency were similar among cultivars. There were no date × shade interactions. Table 1. Leaf gas exchange variables and

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Lucina Gómez-Pérez, Luis Alonso Valdez-Aguilar, Alberto Sandoval-Rangel, Adalberto Benavides-Mendoza, Rosalinda Mendoza-Villarreal, and Ana María Castillo-González

enhancing the activity of antioxidant enzymes such as peroxidase and catalase. Literature Cited Atkinson, C.J. Mansfield, T.A. Davies, W.J. 1990 Does calcium in xylem sap regulate stomatal conductance? New Phytol. 116 19 27 Cartmill, A.D. Alarcón, A. Valdez

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José Luis Chaves-Gómez, Alba Marina Cotes-Prado, Sandra Gómez-Caro, and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

husk (Rh), or chitosan + burned rice husk (ChiRh)] application on stomatal conductance ( g S ) and leaf water potential (Ψ wf ) of cape gooseberry plants with (FOph + ) and without (FOph − ) Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. physali inoculation at 10, 20

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Bert M. Cregg and Robert Schutzki

. Photosynthetic gas exchange and stomatal conductance ( g S ) to water vapor were measured on Hydrangea paniculata , Viburnum dentatum , and Viburnum trilobum plants on two dates in 2006 and two dates in 2007 using a portable photosynthesis system (LI-6400

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David H Suchoff, Christopher C. Gunter, Jonathan R. Schultheis, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, and Frank J. Louws

three rootstock treatments (n = 30 data points for each mean). Fig. 6. Main effect of rootstock on net CO 2 assimilation ( A ), stomatal conductance ( g S ) ( B ), and the interaction of rootstock and irrigation on effective quantum yield of photosystem

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Diane Feliciano Cayanan, Youbin Zheng, Ping Zhang, Tom Graham, Mike Dixon, Calvin Chong, and Jennifer Llewellyn

Fluorescence Monitoring System (FMS; Hansatech Inst., Norfolk, UK) as described by Zheng et al. (2004) at the onset of visual injury and 1 week before final harvest. Leaf net CO 2 exchange rate (NCER) and stomatal conductance ( g S ) were measured using a