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Marco Bittelli

horticultural systems. In the former, knowledge of SWC is involved in the partitioning of solar radiation into latent and sensible heat, whereas in the latter, SWC measurements help optimize irrigation volumes and schedule, as well as plant nutrition. SWC is

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C. Siobhan Dunets and Youbin Zheng

separation and optimizing recovery while simultaneously meeting low P limits in a low-organic, high-P wastewater such as greenhouse wastewater have yet to be investigated. Depending on particle size and separation rate of fine precipitate, which may be

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Zhixiong Zeng, Jiaming Guo, Xinyu Wei, Enli Lü, and Yanhua Liu

in the selection and optimization of the control parameters. The selection of parameters should be closely related to the external environment, and different control parameters should correspond to different external environments. For this study, we

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Carolyn F. Scagel, Guihong Bi, Leslie H. Fuchigami, and Richard P. Regan

decreased without sacrificing growth ( Cabrera, 2004 ; Struve and Rose, 1998 ). One way to optimize nutrient management practices is to determine how N uptake by container-grown nursery plants is related to uptake of other nutrients. Understanding the

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Dominique-André Demers, Martine Dorais, and Athanasios P. Papadopoulos

and climatic factors. The main objective of this study was to determine the optimal leaf-to-fruit ratio for minimizing the incidence of russeting while optimizing yield of greenhouse tomato fruit. The second objective was to investigate the effect of

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Kuan Qin and Daniel I. Leskovar

optimized practices with high-yielding varieties ( Tilman et al., 2011 ). Several abiotic stresses can be alleviated through appropriate management strategies. For example, deficit irrigation is a well-established method used to save water while maintaining

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Laura L. Van Eerd and Kelsey A. O'Reilly

Nitrogen is a critical nutrient for crop production, but it is difficult to optimize nitrogen (N) fertilizer applications because of the dynamic nature of plant-available N over the growing season. Nitrogen availability affects yield and quality of

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Johshin Tsuruyama and Toshio Shibuya

in dry matter production when optimizing the photoperiod for growth of strawberry seedlings. Fig. 4. Seedlings of the strawberry cultivars Elan and Yotsuboshi after growth for 38 d under light-emitting diode illumination (in the growth chambers) under

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Marija Perić, Slavica Dmitrović, Suzana Živković, Biljana Filipović, Marijana Skorić, Ana Simonović, and Slađana Todorović

sources for two Fagus species ( Cuenca and Vieitez, 2000 ). In some cases fructose proved to be more efficient than other carbohydrates ( Welander et al., 1989 ). Thus, the optimization of a protocol for in vitro propagation of an unexplored plant

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Xiaofeng Yang, Lianzhu Chen, Ming Cao, Xuebin Zhang, and Shaopeng Li

vegetable parameters has been established ( Nendel, 2009 ; Soto et al., 2014 ; Suárez-Rey et al., 2016 ), but these models have never been involved in nitrogen and potassium coupling optimize for muskmelon. The objective of this study was to develop a