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Richard L. Bell, Tom van der Zwet, Steve Castagnoli, Todd Einhorn, Janet D. Turner, Robert Spotts, Gary A. Moulton, Greg L. Reighard, and William W. Shane

regular air without loss of ripening capacity at Hood River. Internal breakdown and premature ripening have not been observed. Flavor is mildly sweet with a light aroma, intermediate between ‘Bartlett’ and ‘Beurré Anjou’. In 1-year trials at Gerbers

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Jorge M. Fonseca, Hyun-Jin Kim, Wesley L. Kline, Christian A. Wyenandt, Murshidul Hoque, Husein Ajwa, and Ned French

to growing plants, elicits disease resistance through a systemic-acquired resistance pathway ( Dong et al., 1999 ), in particular as a result of an internal active fragment located in the amino terminal part ( Jin et al., 1997 ). Postharvest

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Hiroshi Iwanami, Shigeki Moriya, Nobuhiro Kotoda, Sae Takahashi, and Kazuyuki Abe

storage and when more than half of the stored fruit displayed rot or internal browning, measurements for the cultivar were discontinued. Table 1. Starch index, firmness, and titratable acidity at harvest in 20 cultivars evaluated in this study

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Xinjuan Chen, Zhujun Zhu, Joska Gerendás, and Nadine Zimmermann

Epidemiological data show that a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables can reduce the risk from a number of cancers. Several protection mechanisms for the cancer prevention from cruciferous vegetables have been demonstrated for the breakdown

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Michael J. Mahovic, Rajya Shukla, Renée M. Goodrich-Schneider, Michael V. Wood, Jeffrey K. Brecht, and Keith R. Schneider

the fruit's thermal damage threshold. In the studies mentioned, the peel of oranges insulated the fruit from heat and avoided damage to the juice, apples ( Malus domestica ) had poor heat conductivity and treatment did not increase their internal

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Vickie Murphy, Kimberly Moore, M. Patrick Griffith, and Chad Husby

Turface may lead to larger average pore size. The particles of sand have little surface area per unit of volume compared with clay, which has internal water and nutrient storage. However, coarse sand provides excellent gas exchange and physical support for

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Lisa G. Neven

long as the untreated control fruit. In ‘Golden Delicious’ apples, sunburn was more prevalent in control fruit but not as common in heat-treated fruit. ‘Gala’ apples were more susceptible to internal breakdown after heat plus CA treatments. ‘Red

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Pai-Tsang Chang, Marc W. van Iersel, William M. Randle, and Carl E. Sams

(1 m m , added as internal standards), 0.5 mL of methanol, and 0.075 mL of barium lead acetate (0.6 M) in a 16 mm × 100-mm tube and shaken at 60 rpm for 1 h. Samples were centrifuged at 2000 g for 10 min. Two hundred microliters of supernatant was

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Katie Ellis, Tara Auxt Baugher, and Karen Lewis

answers were anonymous, with no identifiers other than meeting location. Results and discussion Of the full surveys completed, 65 were collected in Pennsylvania, 38 in Washington, and 8 in New York. The breakdown of roles from the full survey was as

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Zhengke Zhang, Runshan Fu, Donald J. Huber, Jingping Rao, Xiaoxiao Chang, Meijiao Hu, Yu Zhang, and Nina Jiang

) ( Brummell and Harpster, 2001 ). The final hydrolysis and breakdown of cell wall components result from the action of cell wall hydrolases including polygalacturonase [electrical conductivity (EC)], pectin methylesterase (EC, β