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Ajay Nair, Mathieu Ngouajio, and John Biernbaum

organic mixes: Role of EC and mix components Acta Hort. 797 393 398 Perez-Murcia, M.D. Moreno-Caselles, J. Moral, R. Perez-Espinosa, A. Paredes, C. Rufete, B. 2005 Use of composted sewage sludge as horticultural growth media: Effects on germination and

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Amy L. Shober, Christine Wiese, Geoffrey C. Denny, Craig D. Stanley, Brent K. Harbaugh, and Jianjun Chen

. Res. 50 259 265 Ingelmo, F. Canet, R. Ibanez, M.A. Pomares, F. Garcia, J. 1998 Use of MSW compost, dried sewage sludge, and other wastes as partial substitutes for peat and soil Bioresour

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Vincent M. Russo and P. Perkins-Veazie

, muskmelon, and cabbage grown in media containing sewage sludge compost J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 108 36 41 Suresh, C.K. Bagyaraj, D.J. 2002 Mycorrhiza–microbe interactions: Effect on rhizosphere 7 28 Sharma

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Michele Krucker, Rita L. Hummel, and Craig Cogger

. Ibanez, M.A. Pomares, F. Garcia, J. 1998 Use of MSW compost, dried sewage sludge and other wastes as partial substitutes for peat and soil Bioresour. Technol. 63 123 129 Ingram, D.L. Henley, R.W. Yeager, T.H. 1990 Diagnostic and monitoring procedures for

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Joseph C. Fetter, Rebecca N. Brown, and José A. Amador

Eguiza, J.E. Eggens, J.L. Carey, K. 1991 Composted sewage sludge as a nitrogen source for the maintenance of putting green and fairway type turf Guelph Turfgrass Inst. Ann. Rep. 5 9 20 Elliott, M.L. Des Jardin, E.A. 1999 Effect of organic nitrogen

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Robert C. Ebel, Said Hamido, and Kelly T. Morgan

.J. 1986 Soil pH effects on the distribution and plant availability of manganese, copper, and zinc Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 50 367 373 Smith, S.R. 1994 Effect of soil pH on availability to crops of metals in sewage sludge-treated soils. I: Nickel, copper and

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Caitlin E. Splawski, Emilie E. Regnier, S. Kent Harrison, Karen Goodell, Mark A. Bennett, and James D. Metzger

pots were mulched with one sheet of black polyethylene plastic, a 5-cm-thick layer of shredded newspaper, or left bare. A mixture of 85% pine bark, 10% composted sewage sludge, and 5% pea gravel was used as the potting medium. The treatments were

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Craig Cogger, Rita Hummel, Jennifer Hart, and Andy Bary

, M. Lucamante, G. 1981 Effects of sewage sludges and composts on soil porosity and aggregation J. Environ. Qual. 10 556 561 Smalley, T.J. Wood, C.B. 1995 Effect of backfill amendment on growth of

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Hala G. Zahreddine, Daniel K. Struve, and Salma N. Talhouk

is a composted municipal sewage sludge from the city of Columbus, OH (nutrient analysis 0.45–1–0.25) and was used as a slow-release micronutrient source. Half of the plants from each mother tree or seed source were randomly assigned to one of two N

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Panayiotis A. Nektarios, Serafim Kastritsis, Nikolaos Ntoulas, and Panayiota Tsiotsiopoulou

, then despite its high bulk density, the sandy loam soil (S) could also be considered as a result of its increased root production. Literature Cited Aggelides, S.M. Londra, P.A. 2000 Effects of compost produced from town wastes and sewage sludge on the