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Hans C. Wien

screening process to be imposed during the seedling stage, and the resulting effects to be observed under field conditions thereafter, as was reported by Blacquière et al. (2002) . We used this methodology to expose seedlings of 59 sunflower cultivars

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Humberto Aguirre-Becerra, Juan Fernando García-Trejo, Cristina Vázquez-Hernández, Aurora Mariana Alvarado, Ana Angélica Feregrino-Pérez, Luis Miguel Contreras-Medina, and Ramón G. Guevara-Gonzalez

increments in specialized metabolite synthesis ( Alvarado et al., 2019 ). Supplemental lighting promotes the growth of greenhouse-produced vegetable seedlings by increasing the total day light integral (DLI), which can be low because of the combination of

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Toshio Shibuya, Kaori Itagaki, Motoaki Tojo, Ryosuke Endo, and Yoshiaki Kitaya

., 2002 ; Khanam et al., 2005 ; Rahman et al., 2002 ; Schuerger and Brown, 1997 ; Wang et al., 2010 ). Here, we focused on the R:FR of typical commercial fluorescent lamps commonly used in CTPS. Cucumber seedlings grown under fluorescent lamps with a

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Joanne E. MacDonald and John N. Owens

dormancy induction regimes [S. Joyce and S. Kiiskila, British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range (BCMOFR), personal communication, 2009]. Studies have compared the effects of a SD regime with a moderate moisture stress regime on seedling morphology and

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Huai-Fu Fan, Chang-Xia Du, and Shi-Rong Guo

protecting plant cells from oxidative damage ( Arasimowicz and Floryszak-Wieczorek, 2007 ). In our previous studies, NO was shown to alleviate salt stress in cucumber seedlings by regulating free polyamines and scavenging free radicals ( Fan et al., 2010

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Wook Oh, Erik S. Runkle, and Ryan M. Warner

seedlings and cuttings are established, and a finish plant stage, in which the young plants are transplanted into a larger container and grown until marketable ( Ball, 1998 ). During the young plant stage, seedling plugs are typically produced during the

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Kazim Mavi and Ibrahim Demir

Obtaining optimum and uniform plant stands in the field requires rapid seedling emergence. Various environmental stress factors such as low and high temperatures, mechanical stress, and high salinity affect emergence during stand establishment in

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Xi Shan, Heng Zhou, Ting Sang, Sheng Shu, Jin Sun, and Shirong Guo

exogenous Spd could significantly mitigate the influence of salt stress on cucumber N metabolism. We examined the ability of tomato seedlings to achieve high-temperature tolerance by applying exogenous Spd. The purpose of this study was to analyze the role

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Haiying Zhang, Guoyi Gong, Shaogui Guo, Yi Ren, Yong Xu, and Kai-Shu Ling

large scale of 820 watermelon PI accessions and 246 breeding lines were evaluated for their drought tolerance properties on seedlings grown in the greenhouse under water stress conditions. The tolerance lines selected from these experiments could be

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Michele R. Warmund, Billy G. Cumbie, and Mark V. Coggeshall

producers often use the three-flap method on field-planted seedling rootstock, which is grafted 1 year after establishment ( Hunt et al., 2009 ; Reid, 2010 ). Regardless of the technique used, the grafting success rate is often low with chestnut and has