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D.E. Deyton, C.E. Sams, and C.D. Pless

Four-year-old `Gala' and `Widjit' apple trees with significant apple aphid populations were sprayed to runoff on 13 May 1994 with 0%, 0.5%, 1.0%, or 2.0% (v/v) emulsified degummed soybean oil (SO) or with 1.0% petroleum (dormant) oil (PO). Treatments were arranged in a randomized complete-block design with five single-tree replications. Apple aphid populations were determined on 10 tagged shoots per tree. The top fully expanded leaf of two randomly selected shoots per tree were tagged and net photosynthesis (Pn) and transpiration (Tr) measured. Trees treated with SO or PO had <20% as many aphids after treatment as nontreated trees. Trees treated with 2% SO had lower Pn and Tr than the control for 18 days after treatment. Spraying 0.1% or 0.5% SO caused less initial reduction of Pn than 2.0% SO, and the effect was shorter lasting. Four-year-old `Oregon Spur' and `Empire' were sprayed with 0%, 0.1%, 0.5%, 1.0% SO or PO on 26 June. Treatments were arranged in a randomized complete-block design with four single-tree replications. Pn rates of trees treated with 0.1% to 1.0% soybean oil were <40% of nontreated trees the day after treatment, but recovered to >80% of control in 5 days.

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Benyamin Lakitan, David W. Wolfe, and Richard W. Zobel

Abbreviations: BBL, `Bush Blue Lake 274'; DAP, days after planting; g,, leaf conductance; LN, `Luna'; Pn, photosynthesis; ψ L , leaf water potential. 1 Current address: Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Sriwijaya, Palembang 30139, Indonesia. 3 Dept

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Franco Famiani and Robert P. Walker

abundance of each of these is dependent on the cultivar or species ( Kafkas et al., 2006 ; Whiting, 1958 ; Wrolstad et al., 1980 ). Blackberry contains a range of amino acids ( Green, 1971 ). The metabolism of organic acids/sugars and photosynthesis are

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D. Schwarz, H.-P. Kläring, K.T. Ingram, and Y.-C. Hung

assistance. We also greatly appreciate Adolf Heissner for allowing us to use his empirical models of tomato photosynthesis and transpiration. The cost of publishing this paper was defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. Under postal regulations, this

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Ronald S. Thomas and Jack E. Staub

Abbreviations: CWSI, crop water stress index; OVR, overall fruit quality rating; P, photosynthesis; PFD, pillowy fruit disorder; RH, relative humidity; SMT, soil moisture tensions; SR, stomatal resistance; VPD, vapor pressure deficit. 1 Former

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Liu XiaoYing, Guo ShiRong, Xu ZhiGang, Jiao XueLei, and Takafumi Tezuka

accepted by consumers. The photosynthesis and growth of the tomato plants are greatly influenced by the quality and quantity of light ( Hiroshi et al., 2000 ; Kinet, 1977 ). Nowadays, many kinds of garden crops are cultivated under electric lights such as

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Haijie Dou, Genhua Niu, and Mengmeng Gu

photosynthesis, morphology, and secondary metabolism ( Amaki et al., 2011 ; Brazaityte et al., 2016 ). The development of light-emitting diode (LED) technology provided researchers opportunities to regulate plant yield and nutritional quality using different

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Jan M. Kossowski and David W. Wolfe

149 POSTER SESSION 6E (Abstr. 371–378) Photosynthesis & Partitioning–Cross-commodity

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Fan Zhang, Zi Wei, Peter Jeranyama, Carolyn DeMoranville, and Harvey J.M. Hou

addition to F v /F m , “area,” the number of RC per chlorophyll absorption (RC/ABS), we calculate the photosynthesis performance index (PI value), which is defined as an indication of a driving force of the primary photosynthetic reaction ( Srivastava et al

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Ji Jhong Chen, Haifeng Xing, Asmita Paudel, Youping Sun, Genhua Niu, and Matthew Chappell

Na + and Cl – ions causes ion toxicity over a longer timeframe ( Munns and Tester, 2008 ; Taiz et al., 2015 ). Physiologically, salinity affects net photosynthesis, g S , and E negatively, leading to reduced plant growth ( Cai et al., 2014 ; Liu