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Dilma Daniela Silva, Michael E. Kane, and Richard C. Beeson Jr.

. L. japonicum is a perennial species widely used as landscape hedges and as ornamental shrubs. More importantly, it exhibits moderate drought tolerance and provides an excellent model system for other species that partition assimilates through

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Uttara C. Samarakoon, James E. Faust, and John M. Dole

Toscano, S. Scuderi, D. Giuffrida, F. Romano, D. 2014 Responses of Mediterranean ornamental shrubs to drought stress and recovery Scientia Hort. 178 145 153 White, P.J. Broadley, M.R. 2003 Calcium in plants Ann. Bot. 92 487 511 Yermiyahu, U. Shamai, I

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Susmitha Nambuthiri, Ethan Hagen, Amy Fulcher, and Robert Geneve

, H. Harrison-Murray, R. 2012 Evapotranspiration of container ornamental shrubs: Modelling crop-specific factors for a diverse range of crops Irr. Sci. 30 1 12 Griffin, J.J. Ranney, T.G. Pharr, D.M. 2004 Heat and drought influence photosynthesis, water

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S. Christopher Marble, Stephen A. Prior, G. Brett Runion, H. Allen Torbert, Charles H. Gilliam, and Glenn B. Fain

potential benefits of shrubs, perennials, and other ornamental nursery species to the environment, including C storage. Most ornamental shrubs require little or no management inputs and often accumulate biomass quickly, making them a potential major C sink

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Johann S. Buck and Michael R. Evans

. Cline, R.A. 1993 Response of four ornamental shrubs to container substrate amended with two sources of raw paper mill sludge HortScience 29 807 809 De Boodt, M. Verdonck, O. 1972 The physical properties

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Darren J. Hayes and Bryan J. Peterson

.H. Bailey (1919) described honeysuckles as plants “of easy cultivation and propagation . . . quite hardy,” and among “our most popular ornamental shrubs.” The popularity of introduced shrubby honeysuckles continues into the 21st century, despite evidence as

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Shasha Wu, Youping Sun, and Genhua Niu

. Starman, T. Hall, C. Niu, G. 2014b Response of 18 Earth-Kind ® rose cultivars to salt stress HortScience 49 544 549 Cassaniti, C. Leonardi, C. Flowers, T.J. 2009 The effect of sodium chloride on ornamental shrubs Sci. Hort. 122 586 593 Cavins, T

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Julián Miralles, Raquel Valdes, Juan J. Martínez-Sánchez, and Sebastián Bañón

wastewater on the growth, physiological aspects and visual quality of potted lantana and polygala plants Sci. Hort. 129 869 876 Cassaniti, C. Leonardi, C. Flowers, T.J. 2009 The effects of sodium chloride on ornamental shrubs Sci. Hort. 122 586 593

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Gitta Shurberg, Amy L. Shober, Christine Wiese, Geoffrey Denny, Gary W. Knox, Kimberly A. Moore, and Mihai C. Giurcanu

. Previous research suggests that roots of container-grown ornamental shrubs are restricted to the planting hole for up to a year before root growth expands to the canopy dripline ( Moore et al., 2009 ; Shober et al., 2009b ; Wiese et al., 2009 ). Root

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Domenica Scuderi, Francesco Giuffrida, Stefania Toscano, and Daniela Romano

.A. 1982b Net photosynthesis and transpiration of sun- and shade-grown Ficus benjamina leaves J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 107 758 761 Fini, A. Ferrini, F. Frangi, P. Amoroso, G. Giordano, C. 2010 Growth, leaf gas exchange and leaf anatomy of three ornamental