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high tunnel production could be sold when fruit is relatively scarce in the local market, allowing producers the potential opportunity to receive better prices. Mobile Platform for Assessing Light Interception in Orchards Lampinen et al. (p. 237

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Vladislav M. Ognjanov, Maja Miodragović, Goran Barać, Mirjana Ljubojević, Jovana Dulić, Mirjana Sekulić, and Tijana Narandžić

because light interception does not significantly influence the fruit coloring ( Fig. 2 ). ‘Ivana’ has low incidence of fruit cracking and little preharvest drop. Yield was not different from ‘Spring lady’ and ‘Springcrest’ with slightly greater average

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Claudia Elkins and Marc W. van Iersel

acclimation characteristics, including increased leaf size which in turn increases light interception. Other morphological responses in response to shade include stem, petiole, and leaf elongation ( Evans and Poorter, 2001 ; Franklin, 2008 ; Franklin and

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Thomas J. Trout, Lee F. Johnson, and Jim Gartung

studied and tend to be difficult to generalize as a result of wide variations in varieties, planting densities, and cultural practices. Growth stage and crop size is especially important for horticultural crops because canopy light interception is a

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Celina Gómez, Robert C. Morrow, C. Michael Bourget, Gioia D. Massa, and Cary A. Mitchell

relied on the use of overhead HID lamps for photosynthetic irradiation. However, overhead lighting tends to favor upper leaf layers to maximize light interception incident at the top of the foliar canopy. This results in mutual shading in the lower leaf

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Lisa McFadyen, David Robertson, Stephen Morris, and Trevor Olesen

orchard light interception ( McFadyen et al., 2004b , 2013 ). That the trained trees had lower crop loads than the control trees may help explain why the trained trees achieved canopy sizes similar to those of the control trees by the end of the

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Brian P. Pellerin, Deborah Buszard, Alex Georgallas, and Richard J. Nowakowski

, spring frost, diseases, light interception, and canopy architecture manipulation can also impact the bearing pattern of apple trees ( Davis, 2002 ; Fulford, 1965 ; Willaume et al., 2004 ). High crop yields inhibit flower initiation. Chan and Cain (1967

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Gary W. Stutte, Sharon Edney, and Tony Skerritt

allowed earlier light interception. The addition of far red resulted in greater leaf elongation than red alone, but the epinastic response was less. This net effect was to increase the available leaf area for light interception over the other treatments

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María Daniela Mares-Quiñones and Juan Ignacio Valiente-Banuet

light interception ( Rodríguez-del-Bosque et al., 2004 ). Yield is the highest under partially shaded conditions followed by full sunlight, and then under agroforestry and intercropped production systems, which are comparable among themselves ( Rodríguez

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Gemma Reig, Jaume Lordan, Stephen Hoying, Michael Fargione, Daniel J. Donahue, Poliana Francescatto, Dana Acimovic, Gennaro Fazio, and Terence Robinson

choice of rootstock influences productivity, precocity, yield, environmental and edaphic adaptability, cold tolerance, light interception, and disease and pest resistance ( Fallahi et al., 2002 ; Lordan et al., 2018a ; Reig et al., 2018 , 2019a ). In