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Pascal Nzokou and Paligwende Nikiema

(chilling requirement) necessary to prepare apical meristems of temperate perennial plants to resume growth when temperatures become favorable in the spring. In boreal conifers, chilling is reported to be the main factor promoting rest completion and growth

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Paul J.R. Cronje, Graham H. Barry, and Marius Huysamer

assimilation rate of attached fruit was determined with a portable photosynthesis system (LI-6400; LI-COR) using a conifer chamber attachment (LI-6400-05; LI-COR). The system is based on the equations derived by Von Caemmerer and Farquhar (1981) to calculate

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Bing Liu, Hong Zhou, Sha Cao, Yi-ping Xia, and Rajeev Arora

temperature for deacclimation in these cultivars to be around 5 °C. Similar results have been obtained for hydrangea stems ( Pagter et al., 2011 ), poplar xylem ( Sauter et al., 1996 ), and conifer shoots ( Bigras et al., 2001 ). From 24 Feb. onwards till the

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Şemsettin Kulaç, Pascal Nzokou, Deniz Guney, Bert Michael Cregg, and Ibrahim Turna

was expected because one of the first morphological indicators of drought stress is decreased plant height, stem diameter, and total biomass ( Monclus et al., 2006 ). This has been previously observed in several conifers including Norway spruce and

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Alan T. Whittemore and Zheng-Lian Xia

simple polyembryony has been studied in some conifers, but these plants are self-compatible and embryo competition mostly serves to eliminate embryos resulting from self-pollination ( O’Connell and Ritland, 2005 ; Sorensen, 1982 ). Because U. americana

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Steven F. Vaughn, Mark A. Berhow, and Brent Tisserat

transplant production J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 117 243 247 Linderman, R. Davis, E.A. Masters, C. 2006 Response of conifer seedlings to meadowfoam ( Limnanthes alba L.) seed meal 6 Programs and Abstracts of

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either 133 or 183 lb/acre nitrogen did not affect yield regardless of population density. Cold Hardiness of Containerized Christmas Trees after Time Indoors Containerized conifers increasingly are used as live Christmas trees and transplanted into the

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Carolyn F. Scagel, Guihong Bi, Leslie H. Fuchigami, and Richard P. Regan

hardiness in roots of ER and AZ compared with PJM. Cold hardiness of needles on conifers can be three to five times the level of roots ( Coleman et al., 1992 ). If the decline in root biomass of ER and AZ were the result of low temperatures and root death

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Pedro García-Caparrós, Alfonso Llanderal, and María Teresa Lao

treatments were 46% and 74%, respectively, lower than their control. Similarly, Pershey and Cregg (2015) also reported in four conifers (Pinophyta) grown in containers that the control of the irrigation based on DWU reduced runoff NO 3 − -N by 36% and 67

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Yong Ha Rhie, Seonghwan Kang, and Jongyun Kim

Phalaenopsis with early flower abscission. Previous research has shown that sensor-controlled drip irrigation could be used to reduce irrigation volume without negative impacts on plant growth of bluebonnet ( Niu et al., 2007 ), conifers ( Pershey et al., 2015