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Hui-Juan Zhou, Zheng-Wen Ye, and Ming-Shen Su

concentration ( Lara et al., 2003 ). Therefore, mandarins accumulated larger amounts of acetaldehyde and ethanol after harvest compared with grapefruit because of the higher activity of ADH in juice vesicles and lower permeability of their peel to gases ( Shi et

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Ahmad Sattar Khan and Zora Singh

Jeyamkondan, (2002) reported that reduced O 2 levels in the MA retard the overall metabolic activities and extend the storage life. Oxygen levels below the threshold limit have been reported to initiate anaerobic respiration with production of acetaldehyde

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Dan D. MacLean and D. Scott NeSmith

Gloeosporium, alternaria rot, Alternaria] HortScience 16 656 657 Janes, H.W. Chin, C.-K. Frenkel, C. 1978 Respiratory upsurge in blueberries and strawberries as influenced by ethylene and acetaldehyde Bot. Gaz. 139 50 52 Jeong, J. Brecht, J.K. Huber, D

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Patrick J. Conner and Dan MacLean

, and sensory characteristics of a red Vitis rotundifolia wine Amer. J. Enol. Viticult. 45 56 62 Sims, C. Morris, J. 1986 Effects of acetaldehyde and tannins on the color and chemical age of red muscadine ( Vitis rotundifolia ) wine Amer. J. Enol

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Peter M.A. Toivonen

and acetaldehyde are then cogenerated with the release of the 1-MCP molecule from the cyclodextrin. Consequently, both the fresh-cut product physiology and microbial growth are impacted simultaneously. An example of the results obtained using this

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Maria E. Monzon, Bill Biasi, Elizabeth J. Mitcham, Shaojin Wang, Juming Tang, and Guy J. Hallman

.E. 1993 Respiration rate, internal atmosphere, and alcohol and acetaldehyde accumulation in vapor-heated mango fruit Postharvest Biol. Technol. 3 77 86 Mitcham, E.J. McDonald, R.E. 1997 Effect of postharvest heat

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Baomei Yang, Guoliang Li, Shaohai Yang, Zhaohuan He, Changmin Zhou, and Lixian Yao

storage can lead to low O 2 and high CO 2 concentrations, which result in accumulation of smelly substances, such as acetaldehyde and ethyl alcohol caused by anaerobic glycolysis ( Duan et al., 2004 ). Therefore, this issue in litchi production should be

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Fritz K. Bangerth, Jun Song, and Josef Streif

acyltransferase from strawberry fruit J. Agr. Food Chem. 41 1462 1466 Power, F.B. Chestnut, V.K. 1920 The odorous constituents of apples. Emanation of acetaldehyde from the ripe fruit J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 42 1509 1526 Saquet, A.A. Streif, J. Bangerth, F. 2003

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Franco Famiani and Robert P. Walker

fruit-specific phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase is related to rapid growth of tomato fruit Planta 214 717 726 Halinska, A. Frenkel, C. 1991 Acetaldehyde stimulation of net gluconeogenic carbon movement from applied

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Cindy B.S. Tong, Hsueh-Yuan Chang, Jennifer K. Boldt, Yizhou B. Ma, Jennifer R. DeEll, Renae E. Moran, Gaétan Bourgeois, and Dominique Plouffe

disorders are complex, and often comprised of different types of injury. Internal breakdown in ‘Jonathan’ and other apple cultivars is accompanied by an accumulation of acetaldehyde ( Faust and Williams, 1969 ). Low-temperature breakdown, on the other hand