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Jeb S. Fields, William C. Fonteno, Brian E. Jackson, Joshua L. Heitman, and James S. Owen Jr.

. However, the drainage values for 20% to 50% blends were the same for all three materials. On the other end of the scale, as percent volumes increase, the amount of water retained from 10 to 30 kPa increases with PWC and SPW additions but remained the same

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Charles C. Reilly, Bruce W. Wood, and Katherine L. Stevenson

consisted of removing by hand every other fruit cluster (i.e., ≈50%) uniformly throughout the canopy during the second week of June, just before the log phase of fruit growth. The “maximum crop-load” stress condition arose from retaining 100% of the natural

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Don C. Elfving, Stephen R. Drake, A. Nathan Reed, and Dwayne B. Visser

. Aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG; ReTain; Valent BioSciences, Walnut Creek, CA), is another product registered for use before harvest on apples and other crops to delay fruit maturity and control preharvest drop ( Byers, 1997 ; Greene, 2002 ). This product reduces fruit drop

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Andrew B. Ogden and Marc W. van Iersel

). Interestingly, the high tunnels did not provide freeze protection. Anecdotal accounts suggested that high tunnels retain heat at night, but this was not the case. On numerous nights, minimum temperatures inside of high tunnels fell 1 to 5 °C below ambient ( Fig

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Michele A. Stanton, Joseph C. Scheerens, Richard C. Funt, and John R. Clark

11 31 Tsukaya, H. Takahashi, T. Naito, S. Komeda, Y. 1993 Floral organ-specific and constitutive expression of an Arabidopsis thaliana heat-shock HSP18.2::GUS fusion gene is retained even after

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Benedict Posadas

managers to compete for and retain workers in currently tight domestic labor markets. Many commercial operations have employed immigrant labor, which is mostly less skilled, to meet their rising labor requirements. The nursery migrant workforce are employed

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Stephanie A. Beeks and Michael R. Evans

retained high levels of punch and tensile strength, had little or no algal and fungal growth, and required similar amounts of fertilizer solution to grow the crop. The peat, dairy manure, wood fiber, and rice straw containers would not be appropriate

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Travis Robert Alexander, Jaqueline King, Edward Scheenstra, and Carol A. Miles

significant differences between years ( P = 0.74) or harvest methods ( P = 0.36) for the yield (pounds per acre) of fruit picked ( Table 1 ). Machine-harvest yield was 74% as efficient as hand harvest when only accounting for fruit picked and retained by the

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Genhua Niu and Denise S. Rodriguez

(3963 mg). Rosa multiflora accumulated a higher amount of Na but retained 75% of the Na in the roots, while R . odorata had 57% of the Na in the shoots. In addition, R . odorata had lower visual scores in M-Cl than M-SO 4 , which may be due to

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Ming-Wei S. Kao, Jeffrey K. Brecht, and Jeffrey G. Williamson

known about the optimum harvest maturity of low-chill NMF peaches developed for fresh consumption and other low-chill MF cultivars that would lead to fruit of satisfactory condition after storage and shipping. Because NMF peaches can retain firm texture