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James P. Gilreath, Bielinski M. Santos, and Timothy N. Motis

strawberry provided by shank- and drip-applied methyl bromide alternative programs HortScience 38 55 61 Gilreath, J.P. Santos, B.M. Gilreath, P.R. Jones, J.P. Noling, J.W. 2004 Efficacy of 1,3-dichloropropene + chloropicrin application methods in combination

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Eva García-Méndez, David García-Sinovas, Maximo Becerril, Antońeta De Cal, Paloma Melgarejo, Anselmo Martínez-Treceño, Steven A. Fennimore, Carmen Soria, Juan J. Medina, and Jóse M. López-Aranda

Alternatives to methyl bromide in strawberry production in the United States of America and the Mediterranean region Phytopathol. Mediterr. 42 220 244 Anonymous 2000 Regulation EC2037/00 of the European Parliament and of the council of 29

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Steven A. Fennimore, Milton J. Haar, Rachael E. Goodhue, and Christopher Q. Winterbottom

.R. McPherson, R.M. Gitaitis, R.D. 1997 Alternative fumigants for methyl bromide in tobacco and pepper transplant production Crop Prot. 16 585 594 Duniway, J.M. Xiao, C.L. Gubler, W.D. 1998

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Olha Sydorovych, Charles D. Safley, Rob M. Welker, Lisa M. Ferguson, David W. Monks, Katie Jennings, Jim Driver, and Frank J. Louws

cost of fumigating with MeBr. Table 3. Estimated tomato fumigation costs for methyl bromide (MeBr) and selected alternative soil treatments and the fumigation costs of the alternative treatments relative to MeBr. Estimated yields associated with MeBr

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S.M. Schneider, B.D. Hanson, J.S. Gerik, A. Shrestha, T.J. Trout, and S. Gao

. Literature cited Ajwa, H.A. Trout, T. 2004 Drip application of alternative fumigants to methyl bromide for strawberry production HortScience 39 1707 1715 Ajwa, H.A. Trout, T. Mueller, J. Wilhelm, S. Nelson, S.D. Soppe, R. Shatley, D. 2002 Application of

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Sally M. Schneider, Husein A. Ajwa, Thomas J. Trout, and Suduan Gao

. Nelson, S. Trout, T. Winterbottom, C. 2001 Efficacious application rates of propargyl bromide and iodomethane/chloropicrin for strawberry production 24-1 24-3 Proc. Annu. Intl. Res. Conf. on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and

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José M. López-Aranda, Luis Miranda, Juan J. Medina, Carmen Soria, Berta de los Santos, Fernando Romero, Rosa M. Pérez-Jiménez, Miguel Talavera, Steve A. Fennimore, and Bielinski M. Santos

be a weak nematicide under the conditions of these trials. Literature cited Ajwa, H.A. Klose, S. Nelson, S.D. Minuto, A. Gullino, M.L. Lamberti, F. López-Aranda, J.M. 2003 Alternatives to methyl bromide in strawberry production in the United States of

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Sanjeev K. Bangarwa, Jason K. Norsworthy, Ronald L. Rainey, and Edward E. Gbur

, resulting in relatively higher production cost and lower yield and net returns. Therefore, there is a need to develop an effective alternative to methyl bromide in plasticulture tomato production. Volatile allelopathic compounds like isothiocyanates (ITCs

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Sally M. Schneider and Bradley D. Hanson

management plan: 1,3-Dichloropropene 17 Nov. 2008 < >. De Cal, A. Martinez-Treceno, A. Lopez-Aranda, J.M. Melgarejo, P. 2004 Chemical alternatives to methyl bromide in Spanish strawberry nurseries

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Zahangir Kabir, Steven A. Fennimore, John M. Duniway, Frank N. Martin, Gregory T. Browne, Christopher Q. Winterbottom, Husein A. Ajwa, Becky B. Westerdahl, Rachael E. Goodhue, and Milton J. Haar

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Financial support was provided by the USDA–CSREES Methyl Bromide Transitions Program (00-51102-9553, 2002-51102-01929). Material support was provided by the California Strawberry Commission, Lassen