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Joongmin Shin, Bruce Harte, Janice Harte, and Kirk Dolan

Lamikanra, O. Chen, J.C. Banks, D. Hunter, P.A. 2000 Biochemical and microbial changes during the storage of minimally processed cantaloupe J. Agr. Food Chem. 48 5955 5961 Lister, C.E. Lancaster, J.E. Walker, J.R.L. 1996 Phenylalanine Ammonia-lyase (PAL

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Ju Ding, Kai Shi, Yan-Hong Zhou, and Jing-Quan Yu

, 1992 ). Determination of activities of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and polyphenoloxidase and contents of flavonoids and phenolics. Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) and PPO were extracted according to Camacho-Cristóbal et al. (2002) using

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Xiaoyuan Feng, Baogang Wang, Wensheng Li, Lei Shi, Jiankang Cao, and Weibo Jiang

Pellegrini, L. Rohfritsch, O. Fritig, B. Legrand, M. 1994 Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in tobacco Plant Physiol. 106 877 886 Plaza, P. Torres, R. Usall, J. Lamarca, N

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Jie Li, Scott M. Leisner, and Jonathan Frantz

-grown standard of rice ( Oryza sativa L.) straw containing 9.6 g·kg −1 (dry weight) was analyzed as a reference (L. Datnoff, personal communication). Phenylalanine ammonia lyase [PAL (EC] enzyme assays. PAL activity was measured by the method

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Xue Li, Chen Zang, Hang Ge, Jing Zhang, Donald Grierson, Xue-ren Yin, and Kun-song Chen

transgenic tobacco down-regulated in expression of L-phenylalanine ammonia-lyase or cinnamate 4-hydroxylase Plant Physiol. 115 41 50 Shan, L.L. Li, X. Wang, P. Cai, C. Zhang, B. Sun, C.D. Zhang, W.S. Xu, C.J. Ferguson, I.B. Chen, K.S. 2008 Characterization of

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Myung-Min Oh, Edward E. Carey, and C.B. Rajashekar

the stress treatments ( Fig. 5 ). Fig. 5. The gene expression of phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL), L-galactose dehydrogenase (L-GalDH), and γ-tocopherol methyltransferase (γ-TMT) in lettuce plants subjected to a one-time or multiple water

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Jan Bizjak, Nika Weber, Maja Mikulic-Petkovsek, Ana Slatnar, Franci Stampar, Zobayer Alam, Karl Stich, Heidi Halbwirth, and Robert Veberic

[phenylalanine ammonia lyase—PAL assays; electrical conductivity (EC)]: 0.1 M H 3 BO 3 + 0.4% Na-ascorbate, pH 8.5; Buffer B (CHS/CHI assays; CHS; EC; CHI; EC 0.1 M KPi (KH 2 PO 4 /K 2 HPO 4 ) + 0.4% Na-ascorbate, pH 7.0; Buffer C

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Natalia Falagán, Francisco Artés, Perla A. Gómez, Francisco Artés-Hernández, Alejandro Pérez-Pastor, Jose M. de la Rosa, and Encarna Aguayo

. Saltveit, M.E. 1986 Effects of calcium and auxin on russet spotting and phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity in iceberg lettuce HortScience 21 1169 1171 Kim, S.L. Kim, S.K. Park, C.H. 2004 Introduction and nutritional evaluation of buckwheat sprouts as a

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Ki-Ho Son, Jin-Hui Lee, Youngjae Oh, Daeil Kim, Myung-Min Oh, and Byung-Chun In

treatments were collected every week and frozen with liquid nitrogen. Differences in the transcript levels of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase ( PAL ) and chalcone synthase ( CHS ), which are the key genes for the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds and flavonoids

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Napaporn Sae-Lee, Orapin Kerdchoechuen, Natta Laohakunjit, Benjawan Thumthanaruk, Dipayan Sarkar, and Kalidas Shetty

cell reduces ( Bauer et al., 2011 ). Fig. 2. Effect of potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KH 2 PO 4 ), potassium nitrate (KNO 3 ), sodium selenite (Na 2 SeO 3 ), aluminium sulphate [Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3 ], and chitosan on L-phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL