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Haofeng Chen, Vanessa E.T.M. Ashworth, Shizhong Xu, and Michael T. Clegg

understanding of the genetic determination of economically important traits. Usually commercially important traits of avocado, such as tree growth rate, fruit precocity, fruit quality, flavor, and so on, are controlled by multiple genes, and those of large

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David O. Okeyo, Jack D. Fry, Dale J. Bremer, Ambika Chandra, Dennis Genovesi, and Milton C. Engelke

) compared the establishment rate and stolon growth characteristics of five Z. japonica lines, ‘Emerald’, and a Z. matrella cultivar in Maryland. When planted as 5-cm diameter plugs on 30-cm centers, ‘Midwest’, a Z. japonica , and Bel-Zrt-1, an

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D.H. Willits, P.V. Nelson, M.M. Peet, M.A. Depa, and J.S. Kuehny

Abbreviations: RAR, relative accumulation rate; RGT, relative growth rate. 1 Professor, Dept. of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. 2 Professor, Dept. of Horticultural Science. 3 Associate Professor, Dept. of Horticultural Science. 4 Former

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Wendy L. Wilber and Jeffrey G. Williamson

effect of fertilizer rate and composition on growth and yield of two SHB blueberry cultivars grown in a containerized pine bark production system. Materials and Methods One-year-old ‘Misty’ and ‘Star’ SHB nursery plants were obtained from a north

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Douglas D. Archbold

Abbreviations: AGR, absolute growth rate; DW, dry weight; RGR, relative growth rate; SAR, sorbitol accumulation. The investigation reported in this paper (no. 91-10-86) is in connection with a project of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

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Candace N. DeLong, Keith S. Yoder, Leon Combs, Richard E. Veilleux, and Gregory M. Peck

apple exports into Asian markets ( Hansen, 2014 ). Other popular crabapple pollinizers include ‘Snowdrift’, ‘Thunderchild’, ‘Indian Summer’, ‘Mt. Blanc’, ‘Wickson Crab’, and ‘Chestnut Crab’. The pollen tube growth rate of ‘Snowdrift’ has been used to

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Johannes Daniel Scharwies, Eckhard Grimm, and Moritz Knoche

fruits are particularly sensitive to russeting ( Knoche et al., 2011 ; Wertheim, 1982 ). From this we hypothesize that the incidence of russeting will be higher on surfaces subjected to high relative growth rates and vice versa. Pear fruit is a

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Peter Alem, Paul A. Thomas, and Marc W. van Iersel

typically grown in containers with a limited amount of substrate from which water and nutrients are rapidly depleted ( Rouphael et al., 2008 ). Thus, frequent irrigation and fertilization may be required to sustain high growth rates ( Cabrera, 2005

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Xiaojie Zhao, Guihong Bi, Richard L. Harkess, Jac J. Varco, Tongyin Li, and Eugene K. Blythe

and timing ( Lea-Cox et al., 2001 ; Syvertsen and Smith, 1996 ). Determining optimal N application rate is important for optimizing plant growth and flowering. The optimal amount of N varies among plant species. When receiving 7.5 or 11.3 m m N

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Amy L. Shober, Kimberly A. Moore, Nancy G. West, Christine Wiese, Gitta Hasing, Geoffrey Denny, and Gary W. Knox

, including climate, soil physical conditions, and restricted space for root growth. Similarly, Gilman and Yeager (1990) saw no effect of N rate on caliper diameter of laurel oak ( Quercus laurifolia ) and japanese ligustrum ( Ligustrum japonicum ) under