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Michelle Wirthensohn

’, ‘Carina’, ‘Maxima’, ‘Mira’, ‘Rhea’, and ‘Vela’ all outperform the benchmark cultivar Nonpareil in yield, with four being self-fertile. The earlier flowering cultivars offer a replacement for ‘Price’, and the later flowering cultivars offer a replacement

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Cristián Vela-Hinojosa, Héctor B. Escalona-Buendía, José A. Mendoza-Espinoza, Juan M. Villa-Hernández, Ricardo Lobato-Ortíz, Juan E. Rodríguez-Pérez, and Laura J. Pérez-Flores

Antioxidants, antioxidant capacity, and the expression of isoprenoid metabolism–related genes and two pigmentation-related transcription factors were studied in four native and four hybrid tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) genotypes with different-colored fruit. Red fruit genotypes were associated with greater lycopene, β-carotene, lipophilic antioxidant capacity, and greater chromoplast-specific lycopene β-cyclase (CYC-B) transcript levels. Orange fruit genotypes had greater concentrations of tocopherols and greater transcript levels of homogentisate phytyl transferase (VTE-2), 1-deoxy-D-xylulose phosphate synthase (DXS), and 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD). The yellow fruit genotype was greater in total polyphenol and hydrophilic antioxidant capacity with greater expression of geranylgeranyl reductase (GGDR), phytol kinase (VTE-5), phytoene synthase (PSY) 2, lycopene β-cyclase (LCY-B), SlNAC1, and SINAC4. Greater levels of individual antioxidants were associated with specific coloration of tomato fruit. Moreover, the negative correlations between the expression of PSY1 and VTE-5, and between lycopene and chlorophyll, suggest a balance between carotenoids, tocopherols, and chlorophylls. The results of this study support either the direct commercialization of tomatoes with different color fruit or use of their genotypes in breeding programs to increase antioxidant levels among existing cultivars.

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Theodore J.K. Radovich, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, John G. Streeter, A. Raymond Miller, and Joseph C. Scheerens

, The Ohio State University. Work also supported in part by grants from the Ohio Vegetable and Small Fruit Research and Development Program. The important contributions of Brenda Schult, Sonia Walker, Aida Sanchez-Vela, Nate Honeck, Stahn Gahn, Matt

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Haiying Liang, Bing-Qing Hao, Guo-Chen Chen, Hang Ye, and Jinlin Ma

% to 25% for C. sinensis ( George et al., 2013 ), 20.8% for C. japonica ( De Ron et al., 2014 ), and 30.4% for C. sasanqua ( Vela et al., 2014 ). Potential of Camellia Oil As an Alternative to Vegetable Oil for Use As Raw Oil in Biodiesel

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Rebecca J. Long, Rebecca N. Brown, and José A. Amador

al., 2008 ). Chellemi and Rosskopf (2004) reported that incorporation of yard waste lowered soil nitrate-N, whereas Casado-Vela et al. (2007) found increasing soil levels of total Kjeldahl nitrogen and nitrate with increasing application rates of

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Ugur Bilgili, F. Olcay Topac-Sagban, Irfan Surer, Nejla Caliskan, Pervin Uzun, and Esvet Acikgoz

organic nitrogen (N) ( Davis, 1989 ; Kocaer et al., 2003 ). Plant-available nutrients such as N and phosphorous (P) in wastewater sludge could be used as a replacement for conventional fertilizers in agricultural production ( Casado-Vela et al., 2006

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Ze Li, Xiaofeng Tan, Zhiming Liu, Qing Lin, Lin Zhang, Jun Yuan, Yanling Zeng, and Lingli Wu

cotyledon and young embryo Hubei Agr. Sci. 50 1201 1204 . (in Chinese with English abstract) Feas, X. Estevinho, L.M. Salinero, C. Vela, P. Sainz, M.J. Vazquez-Tato, M.P. Seijas, J.A. 2013 Triacylglyceride, antioxidant and antimicrobial features of virgin

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Aparna Gazula, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, Joseph C. Scheerens, and Peter P. Ling

.C. Francis, D.M. Radovich, T.J.K. French, D.G. Gazula, A. Wszelaki, A. Sanchez-Vela, A. McIntyre, A.A.C. Delwiche, J. Ling, P. Amisi, K. Doohan, D.J. 2003b From farm to

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Jeffrey M. Hamilton and Jorge M. Fonseca

. 1997 Antioxidant properties of phenolic compounds Trends Plant Sci. 2 152 159 Rodriguez, S.A. Vela Gurovic, M.S. Mulet, M.C. Murray, A.P. 2006 Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC., a source of a

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Zhou Li, Yan Peng, and Bingru Huang

1 13 Ángel-Coronel, O.A.D. León-García, E. Vela-Gutiérrez, G. Rojas-Reyes, J.O. Gómez-Lim, M.Á. García, H.S. 2017 Lipoxygenase activity associated to fruit ripening and senescence in chayote ( Sechium edule Jacq. Sw. cv. “ virens levis ”) J. Food