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M. Carmen González-Mas, M. José Llosa, Antonio Quijano, and M. Angeles Forner-Giner

irradiance were: transpiration rate ( E ) [mmol(H 2 O)·m −2 ·s −1 ], net photosynthetic flux (P n ) [μmol(CO 2 )·m −2 ·s −1 ], g S to water vapor [mmol(H 2 O)·m −2 ·s −1 ], and CO 2 substomatal concentration (C i ) [μmol(CO 2 )·mol −1 (air)]. The enclosed

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Olivia Sanchez, Stephanie E. Burnett, and Bryan J. Peterson

between days to account for potential spatial effects, and days were treated as blocks for the analysis of root-zone temperature. Net photosynthesis. Using a portable open-flow photosynthetic system (LI-COR 6400; LI-COR, Inc., Lincoln, NE), we measured P n

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Jaroslav Ďurkovič, Ingrid Čaňová, Lucia Javoříková, Monika Kardošová, Rastislav Lagaňa, Tibor Priwitzer, Roman Longauer, and Jana Krajňáková

tip end radius, and R ref is the reference tip end radius of 100 nm. Gas exchange. An open portable photosynthesis system with an infrared gas analyser (LI-6400 XTR; LI-COR, Lincoln, NE) was used for in situ gas exchange measurements. Net

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez and Touria E. Eaton

., Ramsey, NJ). Leaf gas exchange and PSII efficiency. Simultaneous measurements of leaf gas exchange (net photosynthesis, g S , transpiration, and internal CO 2 concentration), and fluorescence were determined as PSII efficiency were made with an infrared

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Joseph Masabni, Youping Sun, Genhua Niu, and Priscilla Del Valle

distance of 3 ft (using a ruler). Photosynthetic light responses were measured for tomato and chili pepper plants by using a portable photosynthesis system with an automatic universal PLC6 broad leaf cuvette (CIRAS-2; PP Systems International, Amesbury, MA

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Youping Sun, Liqin Li, Yuxiang Wang, and Xin Dai

analysis development (SPAD) reading], net photosynthesis (P n ), stomatal conductance ( g S ), and transpiration rate ( E ) of spirea ( Spiraea sp.) species irrigated with a nutrient solution at an EC of 1.2 dS·m −1 (control) or a saline solution at an EC

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Haiyan Wang, Ran Chen, Yuefan Sheng, Weitao Jiang, Rong Zhang, Xuesen Chen, Xiang Shen, Chengmiao Yin, and Zhiquan Mao

. hupehensis seedlings was closely related to the content of soil mineral elements ( Table 4 ). Different soil textures have different physical and chemical properties, which can inhibit the biomass and photosynthesis of plants under continuous cropping

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Sheng Xu, Mingmin Jiang, Jiangyan Fu, Lijian Liang, Bing Xia, and Ren Wang

S ) and net photosynthesis (P n ) and between ( B ) g S and transpiration rate ( E ) in Lycoris radiata and Lycoris aurea under water deficit stress. ** represents significance at the 1% levels of probability. Photosynthetic light response

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Wendy S. Klooster, Bert M. Cregg, R. Thomas Fernandez, and Pascal Nzokou

area. Therefore, results for the gas exchange parameters are presented separately for the two groups. Net photosynthesis ( A max ) and shoot conductance to water vapor ( g wv ) response of the spruces and firs to fertilization differed between years

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Yuting Meng, Boling Liu, Ping Zhang, Ping Cui, Yuguang Song, Nianwei Qiu, Guoliang Han, and Feng Zhou

. Photosynthesis is one of the most important and sensitive metabolic processes in plants. The BDE-47 treatments significantly affected not only the light reaction process but also the carbon assimilation ability of Chinese cabbage leaves. The chlorophyll