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James Ferguson, Bala Rathinasabapathi and Clinton Warren

containerized plant production ( Weston, 2005 ). However, wood chips and leaf mulches from several woody perennials, including southern redcedar and southern magnolia, may contain water-soluble natural products with phytotoxic activities and they could therefore

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Christopher J. Currey, Kellie J. Walters and Kenneth G. McCabe

Lantana is popular for its growth and flowering throughout the heat of summer and, while it is a tender woody perennial, is most commonly used as an herbaceous annual ( Armitage, 2001 ; Dole and Wilkins, 2005 ; Nau, 2011 ). Flower colors vary

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Nicholas J. Flax, Christopher J. Currey, James A. Schrader, David Grewell and William R. Graves

crop time (8–9 weeks) in this experiment compared with production times for some woody perennials, we recommend that further research be conducted using these containers with crops that span multiple production seasons. Additional data on air and

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M. Lenny Wells, Eric P. Prostko and O. Wendell Carter

drift on woody perennials and fruit trees have been commonly observed and well documented since their discovery in the 1940s ( Bondada, 2011 ). The current study suggests that the effect of auxin herbicide spray drift on pecan trees may be highly

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Girija Page, Terry Kelly, Maria Minor and Ewen Cameron

sequestration. The finding from this research reinforces the idea that orchard crops have the potential to store carbon in their woody perennial growth and in the soil ( Kerckhoffs and Reid, 2007 ; Kroodsma and Field, 2006 ). If the orchard system is a net

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Wenhao Dai and Victoria Magnusson

loci controlling different traits ( Datta et al., 2001 ). Breeding novel cultivars for horticultural plants using a conventional cross-breeding method is always a challenge because many horticultural species, particularly woody perennials, are

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Magdalena Zazirska Gabriel, James E. Altland and James S. Owen Jr

regime on the growth of three woody perennial (citrus) species in pine bark substrates Proc. Southern Nurs. Assoc. Res. Conf. 42 169 174 Lenzi, A. Oggiano, N. Maletta, M. Bolaffi, A. Tesi, R. 2001 Physical and chemical characteristics of substrates made

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James E. Altland and Charles R. Krause

wood particle sizes, organic amendments, and sand for desired physical properties and plant growth HortScience 45 103 112 Lea-Cox, J.D. Smith, I.E. 1997 The interaction of air-filled porosity and irrigation regime on the growth of three woody perennial

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Myrtle P. Shock, Clinton C. Shock, Erik B.G. Feibert, Nancy L. Shaw, Lamont D. Saunders and Ram K. Sampangi

Fernleaf biscuitroot or desert parsley [ Lomatium dissectum (Nutt.) Mathias & Constance] is a long-lived forb (non-woody perennial wildflower) with yellow, purple, or green/brown flowers native to the western United States. The shoot develops from

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Benjamin Ewa Ubi, Daisuke Sakamoto, Yusuke Ban, Takehiko Shimada, Akiko Ito, Ikuko Nakajima, Yoshihiro Takemura, Fumio Tamura, Toshihiro Saito and Takaya Moriguchi

requirement for fruit production. Mutants exhibiting continuous growth in winter have been identified by genetic studies in woody perennial species such as Corylus avallana ( Thompson et al., 1985 ) and peach ( Rodriguez et al., 1994 ). Of these, the