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Lailiang Cheng and Richard Raba

a previous experiment with ‘Gala’/‘M.26’ trees in sand culture, we looked at the effect of N supply on the source-sink relationship and fruit size, and determined an optimal level of nutrient supply for these trees ( Xia et al., 2009 ). In this study

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Ute Albrecht, David G. Hall, and Kim D. Bowman

distribution may also be affected by factors independent of source-sink relationships as observed for phytoplasmas ( Christensen et al., 2004 ). Compared with bacterial numbers in PCR-positive leaves, Las numbers in roots were generally lower. Lower bacterial

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Brandon R. Smith and Lailiang Cheng

-induced chlorosis, nutrient uptake, and source-sink relationships J. Plant Nutr. 26 1451 1465 10.1081/PLN-120021054 Bradford, M.M. 1976 Rapid and sensitive method for quantitation of microgram quantities of protein utilizing principle

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Yun-Peng Zhong, Zhi Li, Dan-Feng Bai, Xiu-Juan Qi, Jin-Yong Chen, Cui-Guo Wei, Miao-Miao Lin, and Jin-Bao Fang

utilization Tree Genet. Genomes 10 1451 1463 Li, M.H. Xiao, W.F. Shi, P.L. Wang, S.G. Zhong, Y.D. Liu, X.L. Wang, X.D. Cai, X.H. Shi, Z.M. 2008 Nitrogen and carbon source-sink relationships in trees at the Himalayan treelines compared with lower elevations

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Ockert Greyvenstein, Terri Starman, Brent Pemberton, Genhua Niu, and David Byrne

, carbon acquisition, and source-sink relationships in ‘Titan’ red raspberry J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 119 1163 1168 Greyvenstein, O. Pemberton, B. Starman, T. Niu, G. Byrne, D. 2014 Effect of two-week high-temperature treatment on flower quality and

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Yan Zhang, Cuiyue Liang, Yan Xu, Thomas Gianfagna, and Bingru Huang

, M. Bjorkman, P.O. Nicander, B. Sitbon, F. Tillberg, E. 2005 Effects of senescence-induced alteration in cytokinin metabolism on source–sink relationships and ontogenic stress-induced transitions in tobacco

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Alison L. Reeve, Patricia A. Skinkis, Amanda J. Vance, Katherine R. McLaughlin, Elizabeth Tomasino, Jungmin Lee, and Julie M. Tarara

estimate wine quality. Given the relationships between tissue N and vine growth measures, N was likely a physiological driver of source–sink relationships affecting berry composition. Total soluble solids were best explained by crop load, whereas other

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Ben van Hooijdonk, David Woolley, Ian Warrington, and Stuart Tustin

performance liquid chromatography–fluorescence procedures Planta 150 366 370 Currie, M.B. 1997 Source–sink relationships in kiwifruit: Carbohydrate and hormone effects on fruit growth at the cell, organ and whole plant level PhD diss., Massey Univ Palmerston