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Augusto Ramírez-Godoy, María del Pilar Vera-Hoyos, Natalia Jiménez-Beltrán, and Hermann Restrepo-Diaz

. Biol. Sci. 19 3 325 335 Hayat, S. Hayat, Q. Alyemeni, M.N. Ahmad, A. 2014 Salicylic acid enhances the efficiency of nitrogen fixation and assimilation in Cicer arietinum plants grown under cadmium stress J. Plant Interact. 9 1 35 42 Hodges, D

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Wesley Gartner, Paul C. Bethke, Theodore J. Kisha, and James Nienhuis

. Sci. 14 1 11 10.1023/A:1004331011493 Ceccatto, V.M. Gomes, J.E. Sarriés, G.A. Moon, D.H. Tsai, S.M. 1998 Effects of host plant origin on nodulin activities and nitrogen fixation in Phaseolus vulgaris L Plant Soil 204 79 87 10.1104/pp.30

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Yingchao Lin, Dejun Kong, Zhihong Wang, Yi Chen, Zhixiao Yang, Chun Wu, Hui Yang, and Lili Chen

. Du, Q. Yang, F. Wang, X.C. Liu, W.G. Yang, W.Y. 2018 Optimized nitrogen application methods to improve nitrogen use efficiency and nodule nitrogen fixation in a maize-soybean relay intercropping system J. Integr. Agr. 17 664 676 10.1016/S2095

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Tao Hu, Haiying Yi, Longxing Hu, and Jinmin Fu

. 1998 Effects of salt stress on growth, photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation in chickpea ( Cicer arietinum L.) J. Expt. Bot. 49 1329 1337 10.1093/jxb/49.325.1329 Stevens, J. Senaratna, T. Sivasithamparam, K. 2006 Salicylic acid induces salinity

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Zhuangjun Zhao, Margaret Mukami Gitau, Tao Hu, Yan Xie, Longxing Hu, and Jinmin Fu

salt stress on growth, photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation in chick-pea ( Cicer arietinum L.) J. Expt. Bot. 49 1329 1337 Szabados, L. Savoure, A. 2010 Proline: A multifunctional amino acid Trends Plant Sci. 15 89 97 Taji, T. Ohsumi, C. Seki, M. Iuchi

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Ibrahim I. Tahir, Sven-Erik Svensson, and David Hansson

, J. Andrews, P. 1999 Systematic method for rating soil quality of conventional, organic, and integrated apple orchards in Washington State Agr. Ecosyst. Environ. 80 29 45 Goh, K. Ridgen, G. 1995 Understory biomass production and biological nitrogen

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Angela Y.Y. Kong, Cynthia Rosenzweig, and Joshua Arky

methods of analysis. 2nd ed. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL Czemiel Berndtsson, J. 2010 Green roof performance towards management of runoff water quantity and quality: A review Ecol. Eng. 36 351 360 Dakora, F.D. Keya, S.O. 1997 Contribution of legume nitrogen

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Carl J. Rosen and Deborah L. Allan

are not high enough to suppress nitrogen fixation ( Crews and Peoples, 2004 ). In a Swedish study, Torstensson et al. (2006) found that leaching loads over a 6-year period were smallest in a conventional system with cover crops (25 kg·ha −1 per year

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Shivani Kathi, Catherine Simpson, Alinna Umphres, and Greta Schuster

agricultural water retention Polym. Test. 94 107021 10.1016/j.polymertesting.2020.107021 10.1016/j.polymertesting.2020.107021 Chen, G. Zhu, H. Zhang, Y. 2003 Soil microbial activities and carbon and nitrogen fixation Res. Microbiol. 154 6 393 398

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Eric B. Brennan and Jim E. Leap

vs. broadcasting planting method influences the legume’s persistence in the mixture and its ability to produce desirable services such as nitrogen fixation. We speculate that broadcasting would reduce the amount of legume biomass produced if the