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.5%. Less energy use, more cost-effective fuel, and increased yields reduced heating cost per production unit by 43%. Grape Storage in Boxes with Internal Plastic Liners versus External Wraps Table grapes packed with sulfur dioxide-releasing pads for

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Jinwook Lee, In-Kyu Kang, Jacqueline F. Nock, and Christopher B. Watkins

internal ethylene concentrations (IECs), chlorophyll content (in terms of I AD values), and starch hydrolysis of ‘Gala’ apples ( Doerflinger et al., 2015a ). Preharvest 1-MCP applications reduced the incidences of soft scald and soggy breakdown in

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James P. Mattheis, David R. Rudell, and Ines Hanrahan

peel blotch ( Fig. 1 ). Brown internal tissues outside the core with diffuse, brown to grayish color were considered DFB. Soft scald and soggy breakdown were rated based on symptoms described previously ( Watkins et al., 2004 ). In years 1 and 2

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Renae E. Moran, Jennifer R. DeEll, and William Halteman

development of soggy break-down in apples J. Agr. Res. 55 759 764 Smock, R.M. 1977 Nomenclature for internal storage disorders of apples HortScience 12 306 308 Tong, C.B.S. Bedford, D.S. Luby, J.J. Propsom, F.M. Beaudry, R.M. Mattheis, J.P. Watkins, C.B. Weis

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Thomas Sotiropoulos, Georgios Syrgianidis, Nikolaos Koutinas, Antonios Petridis, and Dimitrios Almaliotis

which time internal breakdown tends to occur. Origin In Greece, the total pear production in 2007 was 75,249 t and acreage was 4,000 ha ( FAO, 2007 ). The main pear cultivars grown in Greece are ‘Kristali’ and ‘Williams’. ‘Kontoula’ summer cultivar

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Fernanda Souza Krupek, Christian T. Christensen, Charles E. Barrett, and Lincoln Zotarelli

longitudinally for visual evaluation of brown center (BC), hollow heart (HH), internal heat necrosis (IHN), and other internal defects. A ≥2000 g subsample of marketable tubers was randomly selected for specific gravity according to the formula for specific

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Elena de Castro, Bill Biasi, Elizabeth Mitcham, Stuart Tustin, David Tanner, and Jennifer Jobling

between ‘Golden Delicious’ and ‘Lady Williams.’ Since then, it has been sought for its sweet–tart flavor and crunchy texture. However, in recent years Pink Lady apples have shown a susceptibility to developing internal browning in storage. Controlled

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Chen Jiang, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Sylvia M. Blankenship, Michael D. Boyette, Zvezdana Pesic-VanEsbroeck, Katherine M. Jennings, and Jonathan R. Schultheis

root. Necrosis symptoms vary from small (a few millimeters) black or brown spots to large areas (3–5 cm) of breakdown ( Fig. 1 ). Fig. 1. Sweetpotato internal necrosis (IN) severity rating scale from 0 to 4: 0 = no symptom, 1 = negligible but visible

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Eric A. Curry, Carolina Torres, and Luis Neubauer

. Since 2000, lenticel breakdown disorder (LB) has been a high priority area for research investigations in the arid apple growing regions of the United States. LB symptoms are not visible at harvest nor are they usually apparent on unprocessed fruit after

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Stephen R. Delwiche, Weena Mekwatanakarn, and Chien Y. Wang

, could also be enhanced through better quality assessment. Consumer choice of buying fresh fruit is becoming increasingly based on internal qualities, as opposed to merely appearance. In the past, external skin color, fruit size and shape, freedom from