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Qin Yang, Yan Fu, Yalan Liu, Tingting Zhang, Shu Peng, and Jie Deng

also control the amount of unsaturated fatty acids, including oleic acid and linoleic acid ( Alizadeh-Salte et al., 2018 ) and tocopherol concentrations ( Kodad et al., 2009 ) in the almond kernels. Non–Double-Fertilization Xenia Non

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Saki Toshima, Marika Fujii, Momoko Hidaka, Soya Nakagawa, Tomonari Hirano, and Hisato Kunitak

. Perkins-Veazie, P. Fernandez, G.E. 2015 Anthocyanin, carotenoid, tocopherol, and ellagitannin content of red raspberry cultivars grown under field or high tunnel cultivation in the southeastern United States J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 140 163 171 https

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Yong In Kuk and Ji San Shin

peroxidase (APX; EC, catalase (CAT; EC, and an ascorbate–glutathione cycle that includes glutathione reductase (GR; EC Several small antioxidant molecules, such as ascorbic acid, glutathione, α-tocopherol, carotenoids, and

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Ossama Kodad, José M. Alonso, María T. Espiau, Gloria Estopañán, Teresa Juan, and Rafel Socias i Company

cultivars before being released ( Socias i Company et al., 2008 ). Recent studies on the transmission and heritability of oil content, fatty acid composition, and the different tocopherol homologs ( Font i Forcada et al., 2011 ) have shown that oil content

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Dean A. Kopsell, Carl E. Sams, Dennis E. Deyton, Kristin R. Abney, David E. Kopsell, and Larry Robertson

. Klein, B.P. Jeffery, E.H. Kushad, M. Wallig, M.A. Juvik, J.A. 1999 Carotene, tocopherol, and ascorbate contents in subspecies of Brassica oleracea J. Agr. Food Chem. 47 1576 1581 Mou, B

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Ildikó Hernádi, Zita Sasvári, Jana Albrechtová, Miroslav Vosátka, and Katalin Posta

glycosides, tocopherols, and ascorbic acid ( Khoo et al., 2011 ; Márkus et al., 1999 ). In addition, they contain serotonin derivatives ( Kang et al., 2009 ). Until the introduction of the first sweet pepper in the 1920s, Hungary was best known for hot

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Antonios Petridis, Ioannis Therios, and Georgios Samouris

, enhances nitric oxide production by mouse macrophages Life Sci. 62 541 546 Wiseman, S.A. Mathot, J. De Fouw, N.J. Tijburg, L.B.M. 1996 Dietary non-tocopherol antioxidants present in extra virgin olive oil increase the resistance of low density lipoproteins

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Richard D. Richins, Laura Hernandez, Barry Dungan, Shane Hambly, F. Omar Holguin, and Mary A. O'Connell

265 Gnayfeed, M.H. Daood, H.G. Illes, V. Biacs, P.A. 2001 Supercritical CO 2 and subcritical propane extraction of pungent paprika and quantification of carotenoids, tocopherols and capsaicinoids J

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Juan J. Polari, Louise Ferguson, and Selina C. Wang

maturity effects on pecan kernel lipid, fatty acid, tocopherol, and protein composition J. Food Qual. 15 263 278 Sabaté, J. Ang, Y. 2009 Nuts and health outcomes: New epidemiologic evidence Amer. J. of Clinical Nutr. 89 1643S 1648S Satil, F. Azcan, N. Baser

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Adnan Nurhan Yildirim, Fatma Akinci-Yildirim, Mehmet Polat, Bekir Şan, and Yılmaz Sesli

. Koyuncu, F. Yıldırım, F. 2010 Variability of phenolics, α-tocopherol and amygdalin contents of selected almond ( Prunus amygdalus Batsch.) genotypes J. Food Agr. Environ. 8 76 79 Yildirim, F.A. Askin, M.A. 2010 Variability of amygdalin content in seeds of