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J.C. Beaulieu, J.A. Miller, D.A. Ingram, and K.L. Bett

40 POSTER SESSION 3 (Abstr. 092-104) Postharvest Physiology/Storage/Food Science Monday, 24 July, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

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Ming Ding, Beibei Bie, Wu Jiang, Qingqing Duan, Hongmei Du, and Danfeng Huang

; FAOSTAT, 2009 ) and the demand for watermelon seedlings (≈33 billion per year in China), seedling storage is essential for meeting market demands. The most common method of preserving seedlings for a short-term period is low-temperature storage in darkness

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Yiping Gong, Peter M.A. Toivonen, O.L. Lau, and Paul A. Wiersma

148 POSTER SESSION 17 (Abstr. 120–133) Postharvest Physiology/Storage/Food Science Wednesday, 26 July, 1:00–2:00 p.m.

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Brianna L. Ewing, Gregory M. Peck, Sihui Ma, Andrew P. Neilson, and Amanda C. Stewart

., 2017 ). Therefore, it is important to develop strategies, perhaps through harvest and storage management practices, that maximize the concentration of endogenous tannins in the fruit. Polyphenols are a class of secondary plant metabolites derived

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Esmaeil Fallahi, Brenda R. Simons, John K. Fellman, Mark A. Longstroth, W. Michael Colt, and Delmer O. Ketchie

Twenty-six strains of `Delicious' apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) were evaluated over several years for growth, yield, and fruit quality at harvest and after 6 months of storage. `August Red', `Rose Red', and `Sharp Red' had larger trunk cross-sectional area (TCSA) 3 and 18 years after planting compared to most other strains. `August Red' and `Starking' had larger TCSA and cumulative yield. `Apex,' `Improved Ryan Spur', `Silverspur', `Starkrimson', and `Wellspur' were also among strains with high cumulative yields and yield efficiencies. `Hardi-Brite Spur' and `Red King Oregon Spur' had moderately high yields and small TCSAs, thus, high yield efficiencies. `Atwood', `Hardispur', `Imperial', `Improved Ryanred', `Starkspur Supreme', and `Topred' had low cumulative yields. `Ace' and `Improved Ryanred' had low yield efficiencies. `Ace', `Imperial', `Red King Oregon Spur', `Rose Red', `Starking', and `Wellspur' had heavier fruit, while fruit weight in `August Red', `Hardispur', and `Starkrimson' was lighter than that in most other strains. `Redspur' and `Starkspur Supreme' had the largest length to diameter (L/D) ratios. `Early Red One' had a similar red skin color rating as `Rose Red.' The red skin color rating of `Early Red One' was significantly higher than that of all other strains. `Hi-Early', `Improved Ryanred', `Redspur', and `Starking' had the poorest skin color ratings. `Hardispur', `Nured Royal', `Silverspur', and `Starkrimson' had high soluble solids concentrations (SSCs) at harvest and after storage. `Early Red One', `Imperial', `Improved Ryan Spur', and `Red King Oregon Spur' had lower SSCs at harvest and after storage. Fruit of `Apex' and `Redspur' had relatively high firmness at harvest, while `Hardispur', `Silverspur', `Starkrimson', and `Starkspur Supreme' had firm fruit at harvest and after storage. `Hardi-Brite Spur' had the softest fruit after storage, and fruit from `Rose Red' had a lower firmness than most other strains at harvest and after storage. Considering cumulative yield, yield efficiency, or some quality parameters, `Apex', `Classic Red', `Improved Ryan Spur', `Red King Oregon Spur', `Silverspur', and `Wellspur' had satisfactory overall performance. Strains are also suggested for planting depending on the market situation and the demand for a particular quality factor. `Hardispur' and `Sturdeespur' (Miller) are not recommended for planting under climatic conditions similar to those of this experiment.

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Neil L. Heckman, Garald L. Horst, Roch E. Gaussoin, and Kevin W. Frank

48824-1325. Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, Agricultural Research Division journal series number 12876. We thank L.A. Wit for preparation of the sod storage site and technical support in the field. The cost of publishing this paper was defrayed in

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Yosef Al Shoffe and Christopher B. Watkins

Manipulation of storage temperature for horticultural crops is an important approach for reducing physiological disorders and maintaining quality ( Jackman et al., 1988 ; Lurie, 2002 ; Wang, 1993 ). Temperature manipulation involves using optimum

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Ibrahim Demir, Tuba Celikkol, Golge Sarıkamıs, and Ceren Eksi

, and subsequently evaluation is done by a standard germination test. The AA test is correlated with field emergence and storage longevity of various crop seeds ( Association of Official Seed Analysts, 2009 ; TeKrony, 1995 ). However, AA conditions

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Jeremy Burdon, David Billing, and Paul Pidakala

decline ( Dixon et al., 2003 , 2004 ). Hence, the overall capacity for ‘Hass’ avocado fruit to be stored, or distributed over long distances, is limited. The inherent storage life, which declines with maturity, and not being able to cool the fruit to the

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Jinwook Lee, James P. Mattheis, and David R. Rudell

‘Gala’ apple strains are susceptible to stem-end fruit cracking at harvest ( Fallahi et al., 2013 ) and during storage ( Lee et al., 2013 , 2016 ). The incidence of stem-end fruit cracking at harvest is influenced by several factors such as