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Judy Lee and William B. Miller

. Hort. Sci. Biotechnol 79 576 581 Roh, M.S. Lee, A.K. Suh, J.K. 2007 Induction of bulb maturity of Ornithogalum thyrsoides Sci. Hort. 114 138 141 Roh, M.S. Suh, J.K. 2008 Production of quality woody and floral crops using innovative production

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Christy T. Carter and Catherine M. Grieve

produced using irrigation water with electrical conductivities up to 11.5 dS·m −1 ( Shillo et al., 2002 ). In some instances, salinity exposure has proven benefits. Height control is an important quality issue for some floral crops. For example, when

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Joseph P. Albano and Donald J. Merhaut

Most soluble fertilizers used in floral crop production are formulated with micronutrient metals Cu, Fe, Mn, and/or Zn complexed with synthetic APCA complexones, known commonly as chelating agents like EDTA, DTPA, and EDDHA. These compounds are used

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James E. Altland and Kay Yeon Jeong

715 Ogden, R.J. 1982 Reactions of plant nutrients in a pine bark medium. MS Diss., Univ. Georgia, Athens Peterson, J.C. 1980 Effects of pH upon nutrient availability in a commercial soilless root medium utilized for floral crop production Ohio Agr. Res

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Le Luo, Yichi Zhang, Yingnan Wang, Tangren Cheng, Huitang Pan, Jia Wang, and Qixiang Zhang

and fertilizer requirements of new floral crops such as gesnariad. RSM is a collection of mathematical and statistical techniques used to generate three-dimensional plots and statistical analyses of how responses are influenced by process variables

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Charles S. Krasnow and Mary K. Hausbeck

poinsettia associated with high fertilization rates Plant Dis. 70 160 162 Moorman, G. Kang, S. Geiser, D. Kim, S. 2002 Identification and characterization of Pythium species associated with greenhouse floral crops in Pennsylvania Plant Dis. 86 1227 1231

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Maegen Lewis, Melanie Stock, Brent Black, Dan Drost, and Xin Dai

. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 130 3 319 325 doi: 10.21273/JASHS.130.3.319 Wien, H.C. 2009 Floral crop production in high tunnels HortTechnology 19 1 56 60 doi: 10.21273/HORTSCI.19.1.56 Wien, H.C. 2013 Cut flower cultural practice studies

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Russell W. Wallace, Annette L. Wszelaki, Carol A. Miles, Jeremy S. Cowan, Jeffrey Martin, Jonathan Roozen, Babette Gundersen, and Debra A. Inglis

:// > Wien, H.C. 2009a Floral crop production in high tunnels HortTechnology 19 56 60 Wien, H.C. 2009b Microenvironmental variations within the high tunnel HortScience 44 235 238 Wittwer, S.H. 1993 Worldwide use of plastics in horticultural production

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Suzanne O’Connell

. 24 Aug. 2015. < > U.S. Department of Agriculture 2016 Floriculture crops 2015 summary. 1 Apr. 2018. < > Wien, H.C. 2009 Floral

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Kristin L. Getter and Dale W. Rozeboom

floral crop production. Ohio Agr. Res. Dev. Ctr. Res. Bul. 268 Rozeboom, D.W. Ross, D. 2014 Mortality compost nutrients and use on farm, ways to enhance nutrient content. Mortality Composting Conf. Amer. Inst. Goat Res. p. 15–20 Rozeboom, D.W. Sirera, J