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Lisa E. Richardson-Calfee, J. Roger Harris, Robert H. Jones, and Jody K. Fanelli

. The rapid regeneration of a new root system is essential for the survival of a newly transplanted tree. Thus, basic information concerning the dynamics of how root systems develop after transplanting will improve our understanding of how trees

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Carolyn F. Scagel, Richard P. Regan, and Guihong Bi

accounted for the variation associated with urea treatment. Results and discussion Nitrogen rate effects on 2005 carbon and nitrogen dynamics. Total biomass and N uptake between Mar. 2005 and Nov. 2005 increased, while N use efficiency decreased with

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Xiaoyan Dai, Donald M. Vietor, Frank M. Hons, Tony L. Provin, Richard H. White, Thomas W. Boutton, and Clyde L. Munster

matter on SOC dynamics. Variation of the natural abundance of stable C isotopes ( 13 C/ 12 C), measured in relation to a reference value as δ 13 C, can be used to quantify sources and turnover of SOC ( Boutton, 1996 ). The δ 13 C values of plants with the

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Horacio E. Alvarado-Raya, Rebecca L. Darnell, and Jeffrey G. Williamson

decrease the root carbohydrate pool and may alter carbohydrate dynamics in an annual production system compared with the traditional perennial system. The objectives of the present study were to determine the influence of root carbohydrates and the

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Yifan Jiang, Xinlu Chen, Hong Lin, Fei Wang, and Feng Chen

of emission dynamics and regulation of floral volatiles. The significance of floral scent to the reproductive biology of chinese and japanese wisterias is discussed. Materials and Methods Plant materials. Flower samples were collected from chinese

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Li Ma, Chang Wei Hou, Xin Zhong Zhang, Hong Li Li, De Guo Han, Yi Wang, and Zhen Hai Han

). Annual dynamics of root growth vary depending on the plant types. A study of 13-year-old ‘Golden Delicious’ apple trees indicated that root growth had three annual peaks and alternated with shoot growth ( Qu and Han, 1983 ). Previous research has shown

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Davie M. Kadyampakeni, Kelly T. Morgan, Arnold W. Schumann, and Peter Nkedi-Kizza

was greatest at the surface and in proximity to the drip line. Abrisqueta et al. (2008) studied root dynamics of young peach ( Prunus persica ) trees subjected to partial root zone drying and continuous deficit irrigation in Spain. Root length

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Ryo Matsuda and Chieri Kubota

tomatoes was briefly reported by Jones (2008) and recent proteomic analysis revealed protein dynamics during fruit development ( Carrari et al., 2006 ; Faurobert et al., 2007 ), there is no detailed information on the degree to which fruit TSP content

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Erin R. Haramoto and Daniel C. Brainard

BR areas may influence IR soil temperature, moisture, and IN dynamics in ST. These different growing conditions may result in improved crop growth and yield. For example, strip width influenced in-row soil temperature—with 15-cm wide strips, IR soil

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James Shippen, Paul Alexander, and Barbara May

methods The torques that occur at the joints during any activity can be calculated using inverse dynamics techniques ( Crowninshield et al., 1978 ). For an open loop hierarchy, the calculation of the torques at the joints can be obtained from where T is