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Whitney N. Griffin, Steven M. Cohan, John D. Lea-Cox, and Andrew G. Ristvey

: K. Winter and J.A.C. Smith (eds.). Crassulacean acid metabolism: Biochemistry, ecophysiology, and evolution. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany Rodriguez, F.R.A. 2009 Calibrating capacitance sensors to estimate water content, matric potential, and

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Dilma Daniela Silva and Richard C. Beeson Jr.

-derived soil water retention curves for a fine sand soil using tensiometric, resistance and capacitance methods Plant Soil 234 153 157 Rab, A. Fisher, P. Robinson, N. Kitching, M. Aumann, C. Imhof, M. Chandra, S. 2010 Plant available water capacity of dryland

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Yiwei Jiang, Yu Cui, Zhongyong Pei, Huifen Liu, and Shoujun Sun

Basmati-1 confers abiotic stress tolerance Transgenic Res. 17 281 291 Sass, J.F. Horgan, B.P. 2006 Irrigation scheduling on sand-based creeping bentgrass: Evaluating evapotranspiration estimation, capacitance sensors, and deficit irrigation in the Upper

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Rhuanito S. Ferrarezi, Stuart A. Weiss, Thomas C. Geiger, and K. Paul Beamer

shoot dry weight and chlorophyll content using a portable meter (atLEAF; FT Green, Wilmington, DE) in three samples per plot. We monitored the soil volumetric water content using four capacitance sensors (10HS; Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA) connected to

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Maria Gomez-del-Campo

and treatment. In 2005, soil water content (θ, %) was measured weekly at 0.10-m intervals to 1 m at least 3 d after irrigation from 9 June to 7 Oct. using a portable capacitance probe (Diviner 2000; Sentek Pty. Ltd., Stepney, Australia). One access

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Maycon Diego Ribeiro, Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi, and Roberto Testezlaf

Nursery Assn. Res. Conf. 56:187–191 Ferrarezi, R.S. Ribeiro, M.D. van Iersel, M.W. Testezlaf, R. 2013 Subirrigation controlled by capacitance sensors for citrus rootstock production HortScience 48 S142 (abstr.) Heermann, D.F. Solomon, K.H. 2007 Efficiency

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Amanda Bayer

efficiency of Gaura lindheimeri grown with capacitance sensor-controlled irrigation HortScience 43 1555 1560 Cai, X. Starman, T. Niu, G. Hall, C. 2014 The effect of substrate moisture content of growth and physiological responses of two landscape roses

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Gregory S. Hendricks, Sanjay Shukla, Kent E. Cushman, Thomas A. Obreza, Fritz M. Roka, Kenneth M. Portier, and Eugene J. McAvoy

plot were monitored on a daily basis by capacitance probes (EasyAg; Sentek Sensor Technologies, Stepney, South Australia), each having sensors at depths 10, 20, 30, and 50 cm. Moisture content measurements were recorded as a percent [volumetric (v

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Dinesh Phuyal, Thiago Assis Rodrigues Nogueira, Arun D. Jani, Davie M. Kadyampakeni, Kelly T. Morgan, and Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi

soil chemical parameters in the constant capacitance model Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 64 1356 1363 Goldman, C.R. 2010 Micronutrient elements (Co, Mo, Mn, Zn, Cu), p. 378–382. In: Biogeochemistry of inland waters. Academic Press, San Diego, CA Gonzalez, P

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Eric A. Curry

factor in peel barrier response and moisture flux capacitance. Also apparent is the importance of continued epidermal wax biosynthesis after harvest in protecting fruit from external stressors. It is possible that treatments that alter or delay fruit