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A. Maaike Wubs, Yuntao Ma, Lia Hemerik, and Ep Heuvelink

result from genotypic differences in source or sink strength. Materials and Methods Experimental setup. Seeds from six pepper cultivars ( Capsicum annuum L.) differing in fruit size (20 to 205 g fresh weight; Table 1 ) were obtained from

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Dongfeng Liu, Junbei Ni, Ruiyuan Wu, and Yuanwen Teng

fruit enlargement is important to improve fruit quality and storage life. Sorbitol metabolism is influenced by environmental conditions. Under drought stress, both sorbitol synthesis in source leaves and its utilization in sink shoot tips are inhibited

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Rebecca M. Harbut, J. Alan Sullivan, John T.A. Proctor, and Harry J. Swartz

from 15 to 25 μmol·m −2 ·s −1 ( Hancock et al., 1989b ; Schaffer et al., 1986 ); light saturation for strawberry cultivars is between 800 and 1000 μmol·m −2 ·s −1 ( Cameron and Hartley, 1990 ; Ferree and Stang, 1988 ). Source-sink ratio can cause

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Sergio Tombesi, Bruce D. Lampinen, Samuel Metcalf, and Theodore M. DeJong

deciduous fruit trees Hort. Rev. 10 403 430 Pavel, E.W. DeJong, T.M. 1993 Source- and sink-limited growth periods of developing peach fruits indicated by relative growth rate analysis J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 118 820 824 Proctor, J.T.A. Palmer, J.W. 1991 The

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G.A. Picchioni, Wayne A. Mackay, and Mario Valenzuela-Vázquez

). “Correlative control” is recognized as a significant developmentally regulated process in whole plant (monocarpic) senescence. In the correlative control process, a senescing vegetative source and a generative reproductive sink influence each other and thereby

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Michael W. Smith, Charles T. Rohla, and Niels O. Maness

). Transport of sugars and amino compounds in the phloem is accomplished by osmotically generated hydrostatic pressure differences between the source and sink ( Lalonde et al., 2003 ). Adequate K favors phloem loading by improving adenosine triphosphate

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Yosef Burger and Arthur A. Schaffer

translocated from the source to fruit sink in the Cucurbitaceae family, including Cucumis melo ( Chrost and Schmitz, 1997 ; Mitchell et al., 1992 ). The near absence of raffinose and stachyose in the melon fruit flesh points to the rapid hydrolysis and

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Hans-Peter Kläring and Angela Schmidt

cucumber do not consider daily temperature variations ( Augustin, 1984 ; Marcelis, 1994a ). One likely reason is that these models estimate fruit growth on the basis of daily sink/source relations. The source here is the assimilate pool recharged by

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Yongqiang Qian, Deying Li, Lei Han, and Zhenyuan Sun

defined as a process of redistribution of assimilated resources among the interconnected ramets according to source-sink relationships ( Forde, 1966 ; Kaitaniemi and Honkanen, 1996 ; Marshall, 1990 ). Physiological integration is an important means by

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ZhaoSen Xie, Charles F. Forney, WenPing Xu, and ShiPing Wang

organization based on source-sink relationship: New findings on developmental, biochemical and molecular responses to environment 263 280 Roubelakis-Angelakis K.A. Molecular biology & biotechnology of grapevine Kluwer Academic Publishers