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Toshio Shibuya, Akihito Sugimoto, Yoshiaki Kitaya, and Makoto Kiyota

the leaf surface on leaf conductance ( g l ) and net photosynthetic rate ( P n ) of cucumber seedlings at high VPD (average 60 to 90 min after raising VPD). Literature Cited Bunce, J.A. 1984 Effects of humidity on photosynthesis J. Expt. Bot. 35 1245

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Jieshan Cheng, Peige Fan, Zhenchang Liang, Yanqiu Wang, Ning Niu, Weidong Li, and Shaohua Li

, 2003 ). This influence of end product accumulation has been considered a direct feedback mechanism regulating photosynthesis ( Paul and Pellny, 2003 ). However, this conclusion is controversial ( Eliezer and Huber, 1992 ; Stitt, 1991 ). For example

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Qin Shi, Yunlong Yin, Zhiquan Wang, Wencai Fan, and Jianfeng Hua

, and leaf senescence ( Gianoli and González-Teuber, 2005 ), which comes at a cost of reduced photosynthesis. Consequently, reduction of photosynthesis breaks the allocation balance of absorbed light, and thus conversion of photosystem II (PSII) is

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Soohyun Kang, Yating Zhang, Yuqi Zhang, Jie Zou, Qichang Yang, and Tao Li

our study, as reflected by the similar F v / F m values (≈0.82) among the treatments ( Table 3 ), which indicates that plants were not stressed with a well-functioning photosynthetic apparatus. Furthermore, the net photosynthesis rate in response to

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Jianming Sun, Yiming Liu, Xianglin Li, and Bingru Huang

capacity declining to ≈17%, found 10 differentially expressed proteins between two genotypes differing in drought tolerance, which were mainly involved in photosynthesis in chloroplasts ( Kosmala et al., 2012 ). Protein responses to drought stress largely

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Yung-Liang Peng, Fang-Yin Liu, Rong-Show Shen, and Yu-Sen Chang

extracts following Lichtenthaler and Wellburn (1983) , using a spectrophotometer (U-2800; Hitachi, Tokyo, Japan). Photosynthesis and stomatal conductance ( g S ) were measured with a portable photosynthesis system (LI-6400; LI-COR, Lincoln, NE

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Mengmeng Gu, Curt R. Rom, James A. Robbins, and Derrick M. Oosterhuis

generally reduces stomatal conductance ( g S ), net photosynthesis (Pn), leaf water potential, and growth rate ( Cregg, 1994 ; Matthews and Boyer, 1984 ; Pääkkönen et al., 1998a ). Plants adapt to water-deficit stress by increasing water uptake and

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Yali Song and Bingru Huang

atmospheric CO 2 concentrations, p. 69–107. In: Baker, N.R. and H. Thomas (eds.). Crop photosynthesis: Spatial and temporal determinants. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Luo, Y. Hui, D. Zhang, D. 2006 Elevated CO 2 Stimulates net accumulations

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Lingyun Yuan, Yujie Yuan, Shan Liu, Jie Wang, Shidong Zhu, Guohu Chen, Jinfeng Hou, and Chenggang Wang

and accelerated senescence. The photosynthesis in C 3 plant is more sensitive to HT, especially the photosynthetic apparatus ( Wahid and Rasul, 2005 ). HT differently affects the stability of many proteins and membrane system and alters the efficiency

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Ji Jhong Chen, Haifeng Xing, Asmita Paudel, Youping Sun, Genhua Niu, and Matthew Chappell

Na + and Cl – ions causes ion toxicity over a longer timeframe ( Munns and Tester, 2008 ; Taiz et al., 2015 ). Physiologically, salinity affects net photosynthesis, g S , and E negatively, leading to reduced plant growth ( Cai et al., 2014 ; Liu