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Maria L. Burgos-Garay, Chuanxue Hong, and Gary W. Moorman

diseases caused by Pythium spp: Ecology, epidemiology, and prospects for biological control Crit. Rev. Plant Sci. 18 111 181 Mavrodi, O.V. Walter, N. Elateek, S. Taylor, C.G. Okubara, P.A. 2012 Suppression of Rhizoctonia and Pythium root rot of wheat by

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Karen R. Harris, W. Patrick Wechter, and Amnon Levi

encode rust resistance proteins ( Fig. 3 ). Three watermelon EST disease resistance homologs as well as three WRGA were placed on a previously constructed test-cross map ( Levi et al., 2006 ). The ESTs mapped to different linkage groups ( Fig. 1 ), and

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Julie Graham, Mary Woodhead, Kay Smith, Joanne Russell, Bruce Marshall, Gavin Ramsay, and Geoff Squire

Mapping gene H controlling cane pubescence in red raspberry and its association with resistance to cane botrytis and spur blight, rust and cane spot Theor. Appl. Genet. 112 818 831 Graham, J. Smith, K. MacKenzie, K

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Matteo Serena, Bernd Leinauer, Rossana Sallenave, Marco Schiavon, and Bernd Maier

osmotic stresses on germination in durum wheat ( Triticum durum Desf.) Plant Soil 231 243 254 Arends, C. 2007 Innovations in turfgrass TurfNews 30 98 99 Baskerville, G.L. Emin, P.E. 1969 Rapid estimation of heat accumulation from maximum and minimum

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Amaya Atucha and Greg Litus

. 2010 Direct and residual effect of biochar application on mycorrhizal root colonisation, growth and nutrition of wheat Soil Res. 48 546 554 Sweeney, R.A. 1989 Generic combustion method for determination of crude protein in feeds: Collaborative study J

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Haiying Liang, Bing-Qing Hao, Guo-Chen Chen, Hang Ye, and Jinlin Ma

culm blight of rice, wheat rust, rice hopper, cutworms, earthworms, cotton aphids, scale insects, longhorned beetles, golden apple snails, and leeches ( Martín et al., 2008 ; Potter et al., 2010 ; Shanan and Ying, 1982 ). In aquaculture, the residue

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Gaofeng Zhou, Bixian Li, Jianmei Chen, Fengxian Yao, Guan Guan, Guidong Liu, and Qingjiang Wei

for preferential transport of boron to growing shoot tissues in Arabidopsis Plant Cell 20 2860 2875 Van Zwieten, L. Kimber, S. Morris, S. Chan, K.Y. Downie, A. Rust, J. Joseph, S. Cowie, A. 2010 Effects of biochar from slow pyrolysis of papermill

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Wenjing Guan, Xin Zhao, Richard Hassell, and Judy Thies

on the susceptibility of wheat to Septoria tritici J. Phytopathol. 151 283 289 Thies, J.A. Ariss, J.J. Hassell, R.L. Olson, S. Kousik, C.S. Levi, A. 2010 Grafting for management of southern root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita , in watermelon

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Bhaskar R. Bondada

1940s that examined the symptoms of 2,4-D injury with anatomical details primarily in cereal crops such as nut grass [ Cyperus rotundus L. ( Eames, 1949 )], rice [ Oryza sativa L. ( Kaufman, 1955 )], and wheat [ Triticum aestivum L. ( Johanson and

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identification of variable portions of fields and soil sampling to identify plant parasitic nematodes and aid in correction of Ph and nutrient problems. In 2006, the precision Ag techniques were used to conduct and analyze an on-farm wheat cover crop experiment