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Yan Bai, Wen Chen, Shou-Zan Liu, Lin-Yu Xu, Zhe Li, and Bin Liu

acid, 5 mmol/L β-mercaptoethanol, 0.5 mmol/L ascorbic acid, and 1% (w/v) polyvinylpyrrolidone]. Activities of CHI and chalcone synthase (CHS) were determined using the CHI/CHS Kit (Wanxiang Hengyuan Co., Ltd., Tianjin, China). PAL activity was measured

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Peter J. Mes, Peter Boches, James R. Myers, and Robert Durst

). Analysis of enzyme transcripts in tomatoes without Abg , Aft , or atv revealed that chalcone synthase ( chs ), chalcone isomerase ( chi ), and flavonols synthase ( fls ) are below detection levels in fruit pericarp, whereas in the peel, chs

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Hongmei Ma, Margaret Pooler, and Robert Griesbach

biosynthesis genes. Six enzymes are generally involved in the anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway: chalcone synthase (CHS), chalcone isomerase (CHI), flavanone 3-hydroxylase (F3H), dihydroflavonol 4-reductase (DFR), anthocyanidin synthase (ANS), and UDP

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Ji Tian, Ke-ting Li, Shi-ya Zhang, Jie Zhang, Ting-ting Song, Yong-jun Zhu, and Yun-cong Yao

biosynthetic pathway have been well characterized. For example, the genes in encoding chalcone synthase, chalcone isomerase, flavanone 3-hydroxylase, flavonoid 3′-monooxygenase, dihydroflavonol 4-reductase, anthocyanidin synthase, uridine diphosphate glucose

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Nobuyuki Fukuoka, Takamoto Suzuki, Keisuke Minamide, and Tatsuro Hamada

), 4-coumarate CoA ligase ( Gb4CL ), chalcone synthase ( GbCHS ), chalcone isomerase ( GbCHI ), flavonoid 3-hydroxylase ( GbF3′H ), flavanone 3-hydroxylase ( GbF3H ), dihydroflavonol 4-reductase ( GbDFR ), anthocyanidin synthase ( GbANS )] and flavonoid

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Ittetsu Yamaga and Sakura Hamasaki

later. Moriguchi et al. (2001) indicated that expressions of flavonoid biosynthesis related genes: chalcone synthase (CHS), chalcone isomerase (CHI), and flavanone 3-hydroxylase (F3H) in the flavedo of Citrus unshiu fruits were found in high levels

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David A. Felicetti and Larry E. Schrader

323 327 Bruns, B. Hahlbrock, K. Schafer, E. 1986 Fluence dependence of the ultraviolet-light-induced accumulation of chalcone synthase mRNA and effects of blue and far-red light in cultured parsley cells

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Yuji Yamada, Masayoshi Nakayama, Hiromitsu Shibata, Sanae Kishimoto, and Takashi Ikeda

)], chalcone synthase [ CHS (FJ705842)], chalcone isomerase [ CHI (FJ705843)], flavanone 3-hydroxylase [ F3H (FJ705844)], flavonoid 3′5′-hydroxylase [ F3′5′H (FJ705845)], dihydroflavonol 4-reductase [ DFR ; (FJ705846)], anthocyanidin synthase [ ANS ; (FJ

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Young-Hwan Shin, Rui Yang, Yun-Long Shi, Xu-Min Li, Qiu-Yue Fu, Jian-Liang Lu, Jian-Hui Ye, Kai-Rong Wang, Shi-Cheng Ma, Xin-Qiang Zheng, and Yue-Rong Liang

expressions of genes involving in tea polyphenols biosynthesis in light-sensitive albino tea cultivars show different patterns from those in normal tea cultivars. Chalcone synthase (CHS) is the entry enzyme in flavonoid biosynthesis and it is a key enzyme in

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John R. Stommel and Judith M. Dumm

synthase (CHS) is the first and key regulatory enzyme of flavonoid biosynthesis. Chalcone is isomerized by chalcone isomerase to naringenin and flavanone 3-hydroxylase converts naringen into dihydrokaempferol. The dihydroflavonols are subsequently converted