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Karen Mitchell, Elizabeth French, Janna Beckerman, Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi, Jeff Volenec, and Kevin Gibson

, RWR); shoot DW/total DW (shoot weight ratio, SWR); root DW/soil volume (root mass density, RMD); root system length/soil volume (root length density, RLD); and root system length/root DW (specific root length, SRL). Statistical analyses of the results

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Gerardo H. Nunez, Hilda Patricia Rodríguez-Armenta, Rebecca L. Darnell, and James W. Olmstead

) and they were analyzed using WinRhizo Pro 2013b (Regent Instruments, Quebec, QC, Canada). RSA variables measured were total root length, total root volume, total root surface area, specific root length [SRL (meters of root length per gram of root dry

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Kelly T. Morgan, T.A. Obreza, and J.M.S. Scholberg

-water uptake model J. Irr. Drainage Eng. 122 198 202 Eissenstat, D.M. 1991 On the relationship between specific root length and the rate of root proliferation: A field study using citrus rootstocks New Phytol. 118 63 68

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Jeffrey C. Dunne, W. Casey Reynolds, Grady L. Miller, Consuelo Arellano, Rick L. Brandenburg, A. Schoeman, Fred H. Yelverton, and Susana R. Milla-Lewis

) to filter-specific wavelengths to determine their individual effects on TQ, relative clipping yield, relative chlorophyll concentration, relative shoot width, relative root biomass, relative root length density, relative specific root length, and root

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Bryant C. Scharenbroch

observations were not detected, and neither species appeared “pot-bound” at the conclusion of the experiment. Increased contact between roots and soil could convey greater access to soil nutrients. Comas et al. (2002) found higher specific root length (cm

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Naveen Kumar, Fnu Kiran, and Ed Etxeberria

Eissenstat, D.M. Achor, D.S. 1999 Anatomical characteristics of roots of citrus rootstocks that vary in specific root length New Phytol. 141 309 321 Etxeberria, E. Gonzalez, P. Achor, D.S. Albrigo, G. 2009 Anatomical distribution of abnormally high levels of

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Ida Di Mola, Youssef Rouphael, Giuseppe Colla, Massimo Fagnano, Roberta Paradiso, and Mauro Mori

. Hortorum Cultus 16 37 45 Rubinigg, M. Posthumus, F. Ferschke, M. Theo, J. Elzenga, M. Stulen, I. 2003 Effects of NaCl salinity on 15 N-nitrate fluxes and specific root length in the halophyte Plantago maritima L Plant Soil 250 201 213 Sah, R.N. 1994

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Desire Djidonou, Xin Zhao, Jeffrey K. Brecht, and Kim M. Cordasco

architecture of these roots was not assessed in this study, which may reveal potentially different traits (e.g., specific root length) between non-grafted plants and plants grafted with interspecific rootstocks. Concentrations and accumulation of N, P, K, and

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Davie M. Kadyampakeni, Kelly T. Morgan, Arnold W. Schumann, and Peter Nkedi-Kizza

relationship between specific root length and the rate of root proliferation: A field study using citrus rootstocks New Phytol. 118 63 68 Escamilla, J.A. Comerford, N.B. Neary, D.G. 1991 Soil core-break method to estimate pine root distribution Soil Sci. Soc

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Peter Nveawiah-Yoho, Jing Zhou, Marsha Palmer, Roger Sauve, Suping Zhou, Kevin J. Howe, Tara Fish, and Theodore W. Thannhauser

required for N-glycan processing and root development in Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Cell 21 3850 3867 Lovelli, S. Perniola, M. Di Tommaso, T. Bochicchio, R. Amato, M. 2012 Specific root length and diameter of hydroponically-grown tomato plants under