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Jesús A. Gil-Ribes, Louise Ferguson, Sergio Castro-Garcia and Gregorio L. Blanco-Rodán

experience of harvesting to obtain a commercial comparison with hand harvesting. They definitely do not have a manufacturer’s capacity to generate the final product. This article outlines, using olive ( Olea europaea ) as an example, the progression of

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Inmaculada Moreno-Alías, Hava F. Rapoport, Rafael López, Lorenzo León and Raúl de la Rosa

environmental factors ( Kazakov and Kichina, 1988 ), and their interaction can generate different plant behaviors. In the olive tree ( Olea europaea , L.), the juvenile period can last up to 15 years in natural conditions ( Bellini, 1993 ), and has represented

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Maria G. Emmanouilidou, Marios C. Kyriacou and Isabel Trujillo

The olive ( Olea europaea L.) is among the most ancient crops of the Mediterranean basin ( Zohary and Spiegel-Roy, 1975 ). In Cyprus, as in the entire eastern Mediterranean region, olive trees coexisted with humans in almost all Neolithic

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Ana Morales-Sillero, Pilar Rallo, María Rocío Jiménez, Laura Casanova and María Paz Suárez

Methods Grove description. The field experiment was carried out in Sept. 2012 in a grove located in Elvas (Portugal) (long. 38°56′ N; lat. 7°02′ W; altitude 201 m) with 5-year-old ‘Manzanilla de Sevilla’ and ‘Manzanilla Cacereña’ ( Olea europaea L

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Arnon Dag, Smadar Boim, Yulya Sobotin and Isaac Zipori

olives ( Olea europaea L.) under CO 2 atmosphere: Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry characterization of indices related to changes in polyphenolic metabolism J. Agr. Food Chem. 54 2211 2217 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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Fabio Orlandi, Carlo Sgromo, Tommaso Bonofiglio, Luigia Ruga, Bruno Romano and Marco Fornaciari

, R. 2000 Bases and limits to using ‘degree day’ units Eur. J. Agron. 13 1 10 Candau, P. Gonzalez, F.J. Morales, J. Tomas, C. 1998 Forecasting olive ( Olea europaea ) crop production by

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Aurora Díaz, Antonio Martín, Pilar Rallo and Raúl De la Rosa

.V. Griggs, W.H. 1963 Morphological evidence of incompatibility in Olea europaea L Phytomorphology 13 141 156 Ciampolini, F. Cresti, M. Kapil, R.N. 1983 Fine ultrastructural and cytochemical

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Arnon Dag, Ran Erel, Alon Ben-Gal, Isaac Zipori and Uri Yermiyahu

fertilization level can be as for commercially grown mature olive trees. Literature Cited Bartolini, G. Petruccelli, R. Pestelli, P. Bernardi, R. Durante, M. 2008 Preliminary study on in vivo rooting of two Olea europaea L genotypes Acta Hort. 791 191 196

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Lorenzo León, Raúl de la Rosa, Diego Barranco and Luis Rallo

Olivae 52 25 27 Astorga, M. Mora, F. 2005 Componentes de varianza e interacción variedad-sitio del vigor, producción y productividad de Olea europaea , en Chile Cerne Lavras 11 25 33 Baldoni

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Jacqueline K. Burns, Louise Ferguson, Kitren Glozer, William H. Krueger and Richard C. Rosecrance

Olives ( Olea europaea L.) are commercially grown throughout the world in areas of Mediterranean climate. Cultivation is primarily for oil and table olive products. In the United States, California is the only state with commercial olive orchards