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Andrew Koeser, Sarah T. Lovell, Michael Evans, and J. Ryan Stewart

and cumulative water use at the end of the 5-week trial period. Our study expands on past efforts to assess water demand in biocontainers through the inclusion of a pair of newly marketed bioplastic alternatives, a bioplastic container, and bioplastic

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Eva García-Méndez, David García-Sinovas, Maximo Becerril, Antońeta De Cal, Paloma Melgarejo, Anselmo Martínez-Treceño, Steven A. Fennimore, Carmen Soria, Juan J. Medina, and Jóse M. López-Aranda

European Union regulations, it is possible that the use of 1,3-D and Pic alone or their mixtures with other fumigants will be prohibited in the near future. Appropriate viable alternatives to MB must be found for strawberry nurseries in Spain. Our

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Li-Chun Huang

( Oppenheim, 2000 ). A qualitative research study based on consumer interviews found that the intended use of flower purchases—namely, personal use or gift giving—influenced the frame of criteria consumers used for selecting their purchase alternatives. When

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Nathaniel Ferraro, Darrell Bosch, James Pease, and James S. Owen Jr.

is done most straightforwardly with a partial budget of annualized and discounted costs and returns. Partial budgets were used to consider marginal costs or returns specifically associated with the investment alternatives. If one alternative is a

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Megan M. Kennelly, Timothy C. Todd, Derek M. Settle, and Jack D. Fry

37 to 55 g·L −1 and found it was an effective spot-treatment drench for moss control ( Landschoot and Cook, 2005 ). Sodium bicarbonate could potentially be a lower risk alternative for use in moss control, but more information on its efficacy is

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Gregory E. Frey, Tarik Durmus, Erin O. Sills, Fikret Isik, and Marcus M. Comer

United States as potential alternatives to white oak for shiitake production. Methods To provide the most widely applicable results, our experiment mimicked a common management approach used by small farmers and hobbyists, and taught by local cooperative

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Richard L. Hassell, Frederic Memmott, and Dean G. Liere

The initial grafting method used for melon was cleft grafting ( Ishibashi, 1959 ), but after the introduction of the tongue approach grafting method, its use diminished greatly. The tongue approach method became widespread in Asia because of its

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Raul I. Cabrera, James E. Altland, and Genhua Niu

( Boland, 2008 ; Duncan et al., 2009 ; Farnham et al., 1985 ; Grieve et al., 2012 ; Niu and Cabrera, 2010 ). Furthermore, intensive and extensive use of these alternative waters not only presents challenges to the plants irrigated with them, but also

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Nicholas A. George, Kenneth V. Pecota, Blake D. Bowen, Jonathan R. Schultheis, and G. Craig Yencho

; Mississippi State University, 2007 ). As alternative end uses of sweetpotato are developed, the need to make production less costly and labor intensive becomes more important. An alternative to propagating sweetpotato with slips is to use small roots or, more

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Diego Cunha Zied, Marli Teixeira Almeida Minhoni, J. Emilio Pardo-González, and Arturo Pardo-Giménez

( Samp, 1993 ; Vedder, 1989 ). In the CACing technique, it is vital that the compost mixed into the casing layer is well run and disease-free (such as contaminations and viruses). As an alternative, commercial products are specifically inoculated for use