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Zhanao Deng, Fahrettin Goktepe and Brent K. Harbaugh

characteristics are important to the value of many ornamental aroids ( Henny, 2000 ). Understanding the mode of inheritance of major foliar traits has been a priority in genetic studies of these plants. Although the genetic control of the foliar variegation in

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Karim Keshavarz, Kourosh Vahdati, Mahmoud Samar, Behzad Azadegan and Patrick H. Brown

( Neilsen et al., 2004 ). Zinc and B have a critical effect on flowering and fruit set and for this reason spring foliar application of these elements are frequently recommended in walnut orchards. In soils with a strong Zn fixation capacity, spring foliar

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Christopher J. Currey and John E. Erwin

Ornamental cabbage and kale cultivar comparison study: Growth characteristics and response to daminozide and uniconazole foliar sprays HortTechnology 11 376 380 Gibson, J.L. Whipker, B.E. 2003 Efficacy of plant growth regulators on the growth of vigorous

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David R. Bryla

movement depends on soil type and conditions, plant species (because of differences in water use and nutrient uptake), and the chemical characteristics of the particular nutrient. In many arable soils, most of the nitrogen (N) in nitrate form (NO 3 -N

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Rita L. Hummel, Marianne Elliott, Gary Chastagner, Robert E. Riley, Kathy Riley and Annie DeBauw

relationship among foliar N concentration, foliar C:N ratio, and lesion area for each cultivar was assessed with linear regression using pooled mean values of lesion area on wounded and unwounded leaves for each cultivar/N rate combination. Results Cultivar

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S. Alan Walters

bulb quality, low foliar disease development, high marketable yields, low cull production, and low bulb rot ( Tables 2 and 3 ). Although ‘Carpathian’ had low overwintering ability, it had other characteristics similar to ‘Idaho Silverskin’ and

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Zhe Cao, Shunzhao Sui, Qian Yang and Zhanao Deng

modes of inheritance for certain foliar characteristics. For example, the color of the midribs and the leaf variegation pattern in Dieffenbachia are reportedly controlled by dominant nuclear genes W m and Pv 1 , respectively ( Henny, 1982

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Asmita Paudel, Ji Jhong Chen, Youping Sun, Yuxiang Wang and Richard Anderson

introducing native and adaptable plants into arid west landscapes to conserve water without compromising the aesthetic value of the landscapes ( Anderson et al., 2014 ). Sego Supreme TM plants are evaluated for characteristics such as color, flowering, ease

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Lori Hoagland, John Navazio, Jared Zystro, Ian Kaplan, Jose Gomez Vargas and Kevin Gibson

demand for local and organically grown fresh-market tomatoes, Midwest growers require cultivars that are well adapted to local climatic conditions, are competitive under organic production conditions, and have fruit quality characteristics desired by

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Lisa W. Alexander, Anthony L. Witcher and Fulya Baysal-Gurel

( Hamamelis macrophylla ) and mexican witchhazel ( H . mexicana ), morphological and phylogenetic analyses support a monophyletic clade of witchhazels with six species ( Li et al., 2000 ). Witchhazels are large shrubs or small trees bearing characteristically