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Olga Dichala, Ioannis Therios, Magdalene Koukourikou-Petridou and Aristotelis Papadopoulos

-repeated foliar sprays reduced water-stage fruit splitting of pecan ( Wells and Wood, 2008 ). The pomegranate peel also is a rich source of tannins, flavonoids, and other phenolic compounds ( Li et al., 2006 ). Until now, Ni was not used to reduce fruit cracking

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P.R. Johnstone, T.K. Hartz and D.M. May

) reported significant suppression of lettuce tipburn by soil application of Ca in only one of six field trials, and multiple foliar Ca applications had no effect in any trial. Hartz et al. (2007) found that Ca fertigation did not increase tissue Ca levels

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Giuseppe Colla, Mariateresa Cardarelli, Paolo Bonini and Youssef Rouphael

use efficiency has been mostly associated with modifications in morphological root characteristics, such as root length and density, number of root hairs and their length, and hence their surface area ( du Jardin, 2015 ). The biostimulant

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Furn-Wei Lin, Kuan-Hung Lin, Chun-Wei Wu, Yu-Sen Chang, Kuan-Hung Lin and Chun-Wei Wu

were sprayed onto plant leaves with a handheld power sprayer until saturated. Betaine was foliar-treated every 2 weeks during Expt. 1 from 21 May to 20 June 2018. Moreover, three concentrations of chitin (C7170; Sigma) at 0, 2, and 4 g/kg were applied

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Thomas A. Obreza and Jerry B. Sartain

entire suite of water-soluble N fertilizers used ( Table 1 ). Each material has unique characteristics that make it suitable or unsuitable for particular horticultural applications ( Sartain and Kruse, 2001 ). For example, the acidifying property of

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Shasha Wu, Youping Sun and Genhua Niu

of recycled water may cause damage or even death to sensitive plants if not managed properly ( Niu et al., 2012b ). Salinity can reduce growth and cause foliar salt damage through physiological drought, ion toxicity, and nutrient deficiency ( Munns

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Byron L. Candole, Patrick J. Conner and Pingsheng Ji

in all locations or production systems ( Oelke et al., 2003 ). Additionally, most resistant cultivars lack the horticultural characteristics necessary to compete with susceptible cultivars ( Ristaino and Johnston, 1999 ). ‘Aristotle’ is the most

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Zhanao Deng, Brent K. Harbaugh and Natalia A. Peres

-leaved caladium cultivars with novel combinations of foliar characteristics. Leaves of ‘UF-331’ are characterized by large dark green veins and white interveinal areas, which result in an attractive coloration pattern. Although the white face with green veins is

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Lisa W. Alexander, Anthony Witcher and Michael A. Arnold

shrubs or small trees bearing characteristically narrow, strap-like flower petals and capsulate fruit that co-occur with flower buds and flowers. North American species include Hamamelis vernalis Sarg. (vernal or Ozark witchhazel) which is found in the

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A. Morales-Sillero, R. Jiménez, J.E. Fernández, A. Troncoso and L. Rejano

fruit texture ( Jiménez et al., 1997 ). Phenolic compounds contribute significantly to table olive quality because of their recognized antioxidant capacity. They are also related, between others, to organoleptic characteristics such as bitterness, color