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Alexander D. Pavlista, Dipak K. Santra, James A. Schild and Gary W. Hergert

In dry bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.), growth form, i.e., determinate vs. indeterminate, and growth habit, i.e., upright/erect/bushy vs. viny/prostate, are among the most important characteristics for classifying cultivars from an agronomic

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Guilherme Locatelli, Rafael Pio, Rayane Barcelos Bisi, Filipe Bittencourt Machado de Souza, Mariana Thereza Rodrigues Viana, Daniela da Hora Farias, Evaristo Mauro de Castro and Carolina Ruiz Zambon

.P. Ávila, F.W. Passos, A. 2012 Physiological characteristics and development of coffee plants under different shading levels Agraria 7 37 43 Batista, L.A. Guimarães, R.J. Pereira, F.J. Rodrigues, C.G. Castro, E.M.D. 2010 Anatomia foliar e potencial hídrico

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Xiao-li Li and Yong He

destructive, time-consuming, and expensive. Portable nondestructive meters have been successfully used to determine foliar chlorophyll or N of many plants ( Abdelhamid et al., 2003 ; Castelli et al., 1996 ; Loh et al., 2002 ; Schaper and Chacko, 1991

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Uttara C. Samarakoon, James E. Faust and John M. Dole

preharvest durability of the cuttings by treating the stock plants before cutting removal. Growers empirically evaluate the cutting quality that affects postharvest durability during shipping and propagation and refer to the desired characteristics as “toning

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Qiang Liu, Youping Sun, Genhua Niu, James Altland, Lifei Chen and Lijuan Jiang

soil water potential and thereby makes water less available to plants ( Munns, 2002 ). Typical plant responses to salinity include stunted plant growth and foliar injury such as leaf edge burn, scorch, necrosis, and premature defoliation ( LeCompte et

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Lijing Zhou, David L. Creech, Ken W. Krauss, Yin Yunlong and David L. Kulhavy

United States and China. The combination of Taxodium characteristics described to date provides great opportunity for locating superior genotypes and propagating clones that fit a range of potential site requirements. Previous literature often refers to

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Qiansheng Li, Jianjun Chen, Dennis B. McConnell and Richard J. Henny

valued for their foliar variegation ( Chen et al., 2004 ), and consumers' preferences for plant characteristics placed foliar variegation as the second most important consideration in the purchase decision. In landscape design, variegated plants are often

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T.K. Broschat, D.R. Sandrock, M.L. Elliott and E.F. Gilman

Fertilization of established ornamental plants within the landscape has been given little attention by researchers to date. This may be because of a number of factors. Soils and climatic characteristics vary considerably among regions, and optimum

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Chenping Xu and Beiquan Mou

horticultural crops including vegetable, fruit, and ornamental crops, but in most of those experiments chitosan was foliar applied ( El-Miniawy et al., 2013 ; Farouk and Amany, 2012 ; Pichyangkura and Chadchawan, 2015 ; Pirbalouti et al., 2017 ). Lettuce

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Brian A. Kahn and Lynn P. Brandenberger

nontreated control that could be considered Regimen 1) on the sweet corn cultivars GSS-0966 and Garrison. A presilking insecticide application was made to all plots except the controls on 25 Aug. due to some foliar damage. Postsilking insecticide applications