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David M. Glenn

illinoinensis ) ( Lombardini et al., 2005 ), pepper ( Capsicum spp.) ( Russo and Díaz-Pérez, 2005 ), walnut ( Juglans regia ), and almond ( Prunus dulcis ) ( Rosati et al., 2006 ), whereas others report significantly reduced A with PFs at the leaf level ( Le

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Zhipei Feng, Xitian Yang, Hongyan Liang, Yuhua Kong, Dafeng Hui, Jiabao Zhao, Erhui Guo and Beibei Fan

. Jacobs, D.F. Tani, A. 2015 Container effects on growth and biomass allocation in Quercus robur and Juglans regia seedlings Scand. J. For. Res. 30 401 415 Marler, T. Musser, C. 2016 Chemical and air pruning of roots influence post-transplant root

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Jung Hyun Kwon, Ji Hae Jun, Eun Young Nam, Kyeong Ho Chung, Ik Koo Yoon, Seok Kyu Yun and Sung Jong Kim

overcome the deficiency of semicompatibility. However, the excessive amount of pollen does not always bring about high fruit set. For example, walnut ( Juglans regia L.), which belongs to Juglandaceae, showed pistillate flower abscission in the presence of

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Shixin Deng, Qun Yin, Shanshan Zhang, Kankan Shi, Zhongkui Jia and Luyi Ma

influenced by radial distance, decreased with increasing radial distance, as did the RSA. This phenomenon has also been observed in E. angustifolia ( Zhao et al., 2012 ) and Juglans regia ( Wang et al., 2013 ). These root characteristics may be mainly

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Neil S. Mattson and Marc W. van Iersel

address the source of nutrients for uptake and the dynamics of nutrient allocation and remobilization. Deng et al. (1989) supplied 15 N-depleted ammonium sulfate to walnut ( Juglans regia ) trees during the prior year or the current year to determine

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Štefan Kohek, Nikola Guid, Stanislav Tojnko, Tatjana Unuk and Simon Kolmanič

training walnut trees [ Juglans regia ( Balandier et al., 2000 )]. It simulated the 3D structural dynamics of a tree and biomass partitioning among its internodes, buds, leaves, and roots over a period ranging from a few months to several years according

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Larry E. Schrader

., Matieland, South Africa, personal communication). High temperatures of air or of the fruit surface have been reported to cause sunburn. Serr and Foott (1963) found that 38 °C was a critical air temperature for sunburn of walnut ( Juglans regia L

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Bruce W. Wood, Leonardo Lombardini and Richard J. Heerema

useful as a horticultural tool for managing crop-load or fruit ripening in certain walnut ( Juglans regia L. cv. Serr) ( Anderson et al., 2006 ; Beede and Polito, 2003 ; Buchner et al., 2006 ) and tree-fruit cultivars ( Belding and Lokaj, 2002

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Thomas J. Molnar and John M. Capik

Hazelnuts ( Corylus avellana ) are a major tree nut crop ranking fifth in world production behind cashews ( Anacardium occidentale ), almonds ( Prunus dulcis ), walnuts ( Juglans regia ), and chestnuts ( Castanea sp.). The top hazelnut

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Esmaeil Fallahi, Pontia Fallahi and Shahla Mahdavi

( Diospyros kaki ), apple, pear, quince, apricot, almond ( Prunus amygdalus ), and persian walnut ( Juglans regia ). Among the nonfruit trees are turkish pine, iranian cedar, persian maple ( Acer velutinum ), weeping willow ( Salix babylonica ), mountain ash