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Lisa G. Neven

long as the untreated control fruit. In ‘Golden Delicious’ apples, sunburn was more prevalent in control fruit but not as common in heat-treated fruit. ‘Gala’ apples were more susceptible to internal breakdown after heat plus CA treatments. ‘Red

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Zhengke Zhang, Runshan Fu, Donald J. Huber, Jingping Rao, Xiaoxiao Chang, Meijiao Hu, Yu Zhang, and Nina Jiang

) ( Brummell and Harpster, 2001 ). The final hydrolysis and breakdown of cell wall components result from the action of cell wall hydrolases including polygalacturonase [electrical conductivity (EC)], pectin methylesterase (EC, β

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Lan-Yen Chang and Jeffrey K. Brecht

of wounding in strawberry depends on various factors, including the type of force applied on the fruit, cooling method, and rate of lowering pulp temperatures, along with the storage temperature ( Ferreira et al., 2009 ). Internal fruit properties

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Katie Ellis, Tara Auxt Baugher, and Karen Lewis

answers were anonymous, with no identifiers other than meeting location. Results and discussion Of the full surveys completed, 65 were collected in Pennsylvania, 38 in Washington, and 8 in New York. The breakdown of roles from the full survey was as

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Adrian D. Berry, Steven A. Sargent, Marcio Eduardo Canto Pereira, and Donald J. Huber

and Mexican types and are prone to develop chilling injury when stored below 13 °C, depending upon the cultivar ( Campbell and Hatton, 1959 ). A limiting factor of storing avocados for extended periods is the expression of internal pulp discoloration

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Kennedy Mayfield-Smith, Alexa J. Lamm, and Robert N. Stougaard

whether the user was external or internal to the administering unit. Fig. 1. Representation of the primary fee assessment criteria used to determine greenhouse and growth chamber fee schedules. Fee schedules are used as guidelines to determine how

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Adriana Contreras-Oliva, Cristina Rojas-Argudo, and María B. Pérez-Gago

more than 20% of the fruit surface was affected. Results were converted to an average index. Internal quality parameters. Soluble solids concentration (SSC) was measured with a digital refractometer (Atago, Model PR1; Atago Co., LTD., Tokyo

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Aime Sommerfeld, Amy McFarland, Tina M. Waliczek, and Jayne Zajicek

appropriate time frame to control for this threat to internal validity. Visual–motor integration was evaluated using the Beery-Buktenica developmental test of visual–motor integration [Beery VMI ( Beery and Beery, 2006 )]. The Beery VMI was developed

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Giverson Mupambi, Nadia A. Valverdi, Hector Camargo-Alvarez, Michelle Reid, Lee Kalcsits, Tory Schmidt, Felipe Castillo, and Jonathan Toye

), internal quality ( Blanke, 2008 ), fruit number and size ( Grout et al., 2004 ), and yield ( Hanrahan et al., 2011 ). In our study, yield, fruit weight, and fruit number were unaffected because the reflective fabrics were installed near the end of the

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Wei Hu, Ju-Hua Liu, Xiao-Ying Yang, Jian-Bin Zhang, Cai-Hong Jia, Mei-Ying Li, Bi-Yu Xu, and Zhi-Qiang Jin

( Adams and Yang, 1979 ; Liu et al., 1999 ; Yang and Hoffman, 1984 ). Coincidently with the respiratory climacteric period, numerous physiological and biochemical changes occur in the banana fruit, including chlorophyll breakdown, flavochrome accumulation