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cultivars. Machine and minimal pruning are viable alternatives to hand pruning in areas with a long growing season. Shank- versus Drip-applied Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Field Nurseries Production of garden rose plants and fruit/nut trees in open

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. Soil fumigants to replace methyl bromide for weed control in ornamentals Producers of herbaceous ornamentals need replacements for methyl bromide, which is being phased out as a soil fumigant. Uhlig et al. (p. 111) compared four fumigants in various

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Mary Joy M. Abit and Bradley D. Hanson

harvest operations. Weed management techniques include preplant soil fumigation with methyl bromide, preemergence herbicides, hand labor, and multiple tillage operations ( Schneider et al., 2003 ). Methyl bromide and its potential replacement alternatives

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Victoria J. Ackroyd and Mathieu Ngouajio

The methyl bromide phase-out was completed in 2005, and its availability is currently based on critical use exemptions. For production of many vegetables, especially cucurbit crops, methyl bromide alternatives are not available, and growers continue

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David H Suchoff, Frank J. Louws, and Christopher C. Gunter

. Units Literature cited Ara, N. Bashar, M.K. Begum, S. Kakon, S.S. 2007 Effect of spacing and stem pruning on the growth and yield of tomato Intl. J. Sustainable Crop Production 2 35 39 Besri, M. 2001 New developments of alternatives to methyl bromide for

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. Economic Evaluation of Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Tomato Production Sydorovych et al. (p. 705) applied partial budget analysis to evaluate various soil treatment alternatives to methyl bromide based on their efficacy and cost-effectiveness in

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Chrislyn Ann Particka and James F. Hancock

.J. Ajwa, H.A. 2003 Weed control in strawberry provided by shank- and drip-applied methyl bromide alternative fumigants HortScience 38 55 61 Hancock, J.F. 1999 Strawberries CAB International Wallingford, UK

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Cary L. Rivard and Frank J. Louws

resistance in plants Amer. Naturalist 148 536 558 Besri, M. 2001 New developments of alternatives to methyl bromide for the control of tomato soilborne pathogens in covered cultivation in a developing country Morocco. 2001

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Hye-Ji Kim

advantages ( Govindasamy et al., 2011 ). Interest in greenhouse production of alternative specialty crop has been also increasing due in part to soilborne disease issues and issues associated with the soil fumigant methyl bromide and increased consumer

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Lisa G. Neven

., 2001 ). These treatments show great promise as both an alternative to methyl bromide fumigation for conventionally grown sweet cherries and a new treatment for organically grown sweet cherries. ‘BARTLETT’ PEARS Codling moth and