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Duane W. Greene

86 WORKSHOP 11 (Abstr. 682-684) Dynamics of Fruit Growth Tuesday, 25 July, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

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Ryo Matsuda, Chieri Kubota, M. Lucrecia Alvarez, and Guy A. Cardineau

dynamics of TSP or a target protein concentration in tomato fruit under high EC. The aim of this study was thus to investigate the effects of an increased EC of hydroponic nutrient solution on TSP and F1-V protein concentrations in fruit of the transgenic

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Suphasuk Pradubsuk and Joan R. Davenport

)]. Whole plant sampling can be used to look at nutrient partitioning and distribution/redistribution to provide a full picture of nutrient dynamics. The present study was conducted to investigate the seasonal pattern of macronutrient uptake and

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Maciej A. Pszczolkowski, Kyndra Chastain, Rachel Veenstra, and Martin L. Kaps

(San Diego, CA). Results Japanese beetle population dynamics. In both 2017 and 2018, the highest counts of Japanese beetles occurred between 1100 and 1200 CDD ( Fig. 2 ). However, the highest counts per trap per 24 h differed significantly between the

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Mark E. Uchanski, Kulbhushan Grover, Dawn VanLeeuwen, and Ryan Goss

, students’ perceptions on the educational value of the exercise and method of class content delivery, and students’ perceptions of their participation in the group activity and group dynamics. Materials and methods Introductory Plant Science (HORT/AGRO 100G

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Cécile Bertin, Andy F. Senesac, Frank S. Rossi, Antonio DiTommaso, and Leslie A. Weston

. Currently, the dynamics of allelochemical production and release into the soil rhizosphere are not well understood. However, we have observed that the seedlings of chewing's fescue, cultivar Intrigue, produce up to 3-fold higher concentrations of the

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Jeb S. Fields, William C. Fonteno, Brian E. Jackson, Joshua L. Heitman, and James S. Owen Jr.

mixture. Pine tree substrates tended to affect the dynamics of a substrate with increasing influence coming from increasing percentages of wood. The two PTS components used in this experiment were manufactured to exact specifications. Altering one or more

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Qin Yang, Er Liu, Yan Fu, Fuqiang Yuan, Tingting Zhang, and Shu Peng

1680 Hedhly, A. Hormaza, J.I. Herrero, M. 2004 Effect of temperature on pollen tube kinetics and dynamics in sweet cherry, Prunus avium (Rosaceae) Amer. J. Bot. 91 558 564 Higuchi, H. Utsunomiya, N. Sakuratani, T. 1998 High temperature effects on

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Kelly Gude, Cary L. Rivard, Sara E. Gragg, Kimberly Oxley, Petros Xanthopoulos, and Eleni D. Pliakoni

Sept.; and 6 Oct. Seasonal dynamics of fruit production. During both growing years, we identified three distinct production seasons (early, mid, and late) based on the timing of peak fruit harvests across the 6-month production period. Examining the

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Alejandra Ferenczi, Nobuko Sugimoto, and Randolph M. Beaudry

patterns in the biosynthesis of esters and their precursors during ripening and senescence of ‘Redchief Delicious’ apple with a level of detail not previously attempted to better understand ester dynamics and the relationship between precursor and product