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Ali Akbar Ghasemi Soloklui, Ahmad Ershadi, and Esmaeil Fallahi

January. Moreover, the maximum concentrations of soluble carbohydrates and maximum cold hardiness were observed simultaneously in January. These results conform to studies that have been done on walnut ( Juglans regia L.) ( Améglio et al., 2004 ) and

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Michael W. Smith, William D. Goff, and M. Lenny Wells

growing season, and nursery-budded trees. In walnut ( Juglans regia L.), cumulative yield (8 years) was greater using grafted trees or planting seed and then grafting to the desired cultivar than those planted as seedlings and then grafted ( Reil, 2001

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Maria Florencia Babuin, Mariela Echeverria, Ana Bernardina Menendez, and Santiago Javier Maiale

. Calvet, C. 1996 Micropropagation of walnut trees ( Juglans regia L.) and response to arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation Agronomie 16 639 645 Duan, X. Neuman, D.S. Reiber, J.M. Green, C.D. Saxton, A.M. Auge, R.M. 1996 Mycorrhizal influence on hydraulic

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Haley Hibbert-Frey, John Frampton, Frank A. Blazich, and L. Eric Hinesley

growth of fraser fir seedlings at different day/night temperatures For. Sci. 27 545 550 Karadeniz, T. 2005 Relationship between graft success and climatic values in walnut ( Juglans regia L.) J. Central European Agr. 6

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Michael V. Mickelbart

leaves was half that of younger leaves, the amount of nutrient per leaf area would be much lower in these older leaves. Leaves on the interior of apple canopies also had lower SLW and N concentrations ( Elkner and Barden, 1988 ). In walnut ( Juglans regia

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Bielinski M. Santos, Teresa P. Salame-Donoso, and Alicia J. Whidden

assimilation and yield. Rosati et al. (2007) suggested that kaolin clay application on leaves improved the distribution of photosynthetically active radiation in almond ( Prunus dulcis ) and walnut ( Juglans regia ). Spiers et al. (2004) demonstrated that

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Paolo Boccacci, Roberto Botta, and Mercè Rovira

( Juglans regia L.), and chestnut ( Castanea spp.). Turkey has long been the leading producer and exporter of hazelnuts, accounting for about 71% of world production. Italy is second with over 13%, the United States third with 4.1%, and Spain fourth with 2

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Scott A. Brawner and Michele R. Warmund

walnut ( Juglans regia L.), ‘Chandler’ is highly valued for its light kernel color and is considered the standard of comparison for kernel color in new cultivar development (Gale McGranahan, personal communication). For black walnut, Stoke (1941

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Mohamed S. Elmongy, Xiuyun Wang, Hong Zhou, and Yiping Xia

. Leslie, C. 2010 Effect of endogenous phenols and some antioxidant enzyme activities on rooting of Persian walnut ( Juglans regia L.) Afr. J. Plant Sci. 4 479 487 Chu, E.P. Tavares, A.R. Kanashiro, S. Giampaoli, P. Yokota, E.S. 2010 Effects of auxins on

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Lili Dong, Qi Wang, Feng Xiong, Na Liu, and ShuiMing Zhang

zibethinus DzMAX1 (XP_022731995.1), Theobroma cacao TcMAX1 (XP_007012311.1), Gossypium arboreum GaMAX1 (XP_017619614.1), Ziziphus jujuba ZjMAX1 (XP_015884519), Prunus avium PaMAX1 (XP_021823617.1), Rosa chinensis RcMAX1 (XP_024165263.1), Juglans