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Nian Wang, Zhang Chang Qin, Jun-bo Yang, and Jing-li Zhang

bred or selected in the world, especially for species from Rhododendron subgenus Hymenanthes ( Chamberlain, 1982 ). Rhododendron delavayi Franch. is an important ornamental tree species with red flowers; it belongs to Rhododendron subgenus

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Gu Zhanying, Chen Xun, and Wu Huamei

Rhododendrondelavayi Franch. is an evergreen tree up to 5 m tall. Since few tree rhododendron are available in the market, the demand for this plant is high. Unfortunately, the supply is limited due to production difficulty. Under natural conditions (control), seed germination rates were 3% to 5%. When a special propagation bed was set up with mixed media of humus, loess, and sand, the germination rate reached 75% if the temperature was set from 20–25 °C, humidity was 80% to 90%, and irrigation water pH was 6–-6.5. In growing Rhododendrondelavayi, medium pH, water-holding capacity, aeration, and organic matter were considered. The medium, mixed with cinder, loess, humus, and perlite, yielded a 95% survival rate and the tallest plants. To produce aesthetically pleasing plants with flowers, apical dominance was removed and the growth of lateral buds was promoted by pinching the terminal buds of the seedlings in their second year. Also, 3N–1P–1K fertilizer should be used to increase seedling growth. With proper pruning, the seedlings were flowering and ready for market in 3–4 years (instead of 8 years under natural conditions). The acceptable germination rate, better growing conditions, and feasible cultural practices should enable growers to produce quality plants, which ultimately enhance the popularity of Rhododendrondelavayi.

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Xue-qin Wang, Yuan Huang, and Chun-lin Long

tested two sets of microsatellite markers previously developed from Rhododendron delavayi Franch. (14 loci) and R. decorum Franch. (24 loci). A total of 38 primer pairs were initially screened in eight species representative of the genus Rhododendron

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Huifei Shen, Bing Zhao, Jingjing Xu, Xizi Zheng, and Wenmei Huang

Studies on the effects of heat-resistant agent in improving the heat tolerance of Rhododendron delavayi . MS Thesis, Zhongkai Univ. Agr. Eng., Guangzhou, PR China. (in Chinese) Wang, Y.H. Zhang, P. Hou, X. Su, P. Zhao, H. Liu, S. 2014 Foliar