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J.G. Norcini, P.C. Andersen, and G.W. Knox

Abbreviations: A, net CO 2 assimilation; Ci, intercellular CO 2 concentration; E, transpiration rate; GI, growth index; gs, stomatal conductance; LT, leaf ternperature; PE, pretreatment expanded; PPF, photosynthetic photon flux RE, recently

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Shinsuke Agehara and Daniel I. Leskovar

in Expt. 1 and intercellular CO 2 concentration ( C i ) were measured using an open-flow infrared gas analyzer (LI-6400; LI-COR) at 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 15 DAT. The instrument was equipped with a 2 × 3-cm leaf chamber and a red plus blue light

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Xuan Liu and Donald L. Suarez

)], net photosynthetic rate [ A ( C and D )], intercellular CO 2 concentration [C i ( E and F )], water use efficiency [WUE ( G and H )], carbon 13 isotope discrimination [Δ 13 ( I and J )], and SPAD readings ( K and L ) of lima bean (cv

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Richard J. Heerema, Dawn VanLeeuwen, Marisa Y. Thompson, Joshua D. Sherman, Mary J. Comeau, and James L. Walworth

to sit overnight. Zinc concentration was analyzed with an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (3100; PerkinElmer, Waltham, MA) at a wavelength of 213.86 nm. Statistics. For each response variable [P n , SPAD, g s , transpiration, intercellular CO 2

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Evagelini Kitta, Nikolaos Katsoulas, Anna Kandila, Maria M. González-Real, and Alain Baille

, E , g S , external ( C a ) and intercellular air CO 2 concentration (C i ), and leaf surface temperature were determined by means of a portable photosynthesis system (LCpro+; ADC BioScientific Ltd., U.K.) equipped with a chamber using a constant

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Donavon Sonnenberg, Patrick A. Ndakidemi, Ambrose Okem, and Charles Laubscher

wavelength range 400–700 nm) is used in the presence of chlorophyll to synthesis carbohydrate such as sugar from CO 2 and water ( Petela, 2007 ). Photosynthetic rate (A), intercellular CO 2 concentration (C i ), g S , transpiration rate (e), and dry matter

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Rangjian Qiu, Zaiqiang Yang, Yuanshu Jing, Chunwei Liu, Xiaosan Luo, and Zhenchang Wang

, dS·m −1 ) and leaching fractions (LFs) on photosynthesis rate ( P n , μmol CO 2 m −2 ·s −1 ), leaf stomatal conduction ( g S , mol H 2 O m −2 ·s −1 ), transpiration rate ( T r , mmol H 2 O m −2 ·s −1 ), and intercellular CO 2 concentration ( C i

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Yuya Mochizuki, Saori Sekiguchi, Naomi Horiuchi, Thanda Aung, and Isao Ogiwara

under blue and green LEDs ( Fig. 3F ). Fig. 3. Responses of stomatal conductance, leaf intercellular CO 2 concentrations, and transpiration rates to irradiance for the adaxial side of ( A , C , E ) mature strawberry leaves and ( B , D , F ) young

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Richard J. Henny, James R. Holm, Jianjun Chen, and Michelle Scheiber

at a 90° angle to the midrib and a micrometer is placed on the edge of the cut midrib. Leaf-specific weight was measured as the fresh weight per unit area. Net photosynthesis ( Pn ), g S , intercellular CO 2 concentration, and transpiration ( E ) of

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Tao Hu, Haiying Yi, Longxing Hu, and Jinmin Fu

−1 at 0, 4, and 8 DAT. Net photosynthetic rate (P n ), stomatal conductance ( g S ), and intercellular CO 2 concentration (C i ) were measured with four fully expanded leaves (second from the top) from three subsamples in each pot. Values of