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Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, Vasile Cerven, Charles L. Cantrell, Wayne M. Ebelhar, and Thomas Horgan

Peppermint is an aromatic plant grown for essential oil production, which is a major aromatic agent. Peppermint is also grown for production of dry leaves, which are used in herbal teas. The essential oil is used in a number of consumer products

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Natasha Kovatcheva, Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, and Tess Astatkie

Approximately 400 species belong to the family Rosaceae; however, few of them have been used for production of rose essential oil ( Topalov, 1978 ). Bulgaria has more than 330 years of tradition in rose oil production, and the oil-bearing rose is

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Peng Shi, Yong Wang, Dapeng Zhang, Yin Min Htwe, and Leonard Osayande Ihase

African oil palm ( Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) is an important woody oil crop that is widely cultivated in tropical regions all over the world ( Adjei-Nsiah et al., 2012 ; Gutiérrez-Vélez et al., 2011 ; Murphy, 2009 , 2014 ; Sayer et al., 2012

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Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, Tess Astatkie, Thomas Horgan, Vicki Schlegel, and Xavier Simonnet

Artemisia annua is a multiuse medicinal plant that contains several natural products such as essential oil and antioxidant flavonoids ( Ferreira et al., 2010 ) and is used currently as the only commercial source of artemisinin. Artemisinin is used

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Yuting Zou, Yanan Wang, Mingwei Zhu, Shuxian Li, and Qiuyue Ma

. (2014) observed that oil content in Pongamia pinnata seeds increased with seed maturation, and oleic acid content determined by GC-MS remained high at the mature stage. Yuan et al. (2015) reported that palmitic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid

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Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, Charles L. Cantrell, M. Wayne Ebelhar, Dennis E. Rowe, and Christine Coker

Sweet basil ( Ocimum basilicum L.) is the most widely grown species of the genus Ocimum L. ( Javanmardi et al., 2002 ; Simon et al., 1990 , 1999 ). Recent research demonstrated that sweet basil could be a feasible essential oil crop for

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Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, Tess Astatkie, and Ekaterina Jeliazkova

that ‘Native’ spearmint can be grown in a wide range of environments outside the traditional spearmint production areas and produce desirable yields and oil composition ( Zheljazkov et al., 2010a , 2010b , 2012 , 2013 ). Spearmint oil content in

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Ana Morales-Sillero, R. Jiménez, J.E. Fernández, A. Troncoso, and G. Beltrán

Olive oil is a basic constituent of the Mediterranean diet. Consumption has significantly increased in the last years as a result of its nutritional value and recognized benefits for human health ( Martínez-Victoria and Mañas, 2004 ; Wahlqvist

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Susan C. Miyasaka and Randall T. Hamasaki

to too many hours of high temperature ( Malik and Bradford, 2006 ). Cultivar selection is critical for successful fruit and oil production, because cultivars differ in the chilling requirement to break floral bud dormancy ( De Melo-Abreu et al., 2004

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Liyuan Huang, Jun Yuan, Hui Wang, Xiaofeng Tan, and Genhua Niu

Pinus radiate ( Huang and Bachelard, 1993 ). Oil tea is a unique woody edible oil tree in China and is one of the four major woody edible oil crops in the world ( Gao et al., 2015 ). The extracted camellia oil has several favorable characteristics