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Christopher S. Cramer, Narinder Singh, Neel Kamal, and Hanu R. Pappu

thrips populations on plants and these were expanded into the idea of varietal-based action thresholds that have been promoted in Midwest onion production ( Davis et al., 1995 ). The idea behind this is that some cultivars suffer high yield loss from

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Qin Shi, Yunlong Yin, Zhiquan Wang, Wencai Fan, and Jianfeng Hua

., 2007 ). To improve drought tolerance, plant breeders often use hybridization to improve vigor and heterosis. These characteristics are commonly recognized as the superiority of hybrids relative to parental performance ( Perron, 2008 ). To date, one of

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Kimberly L. Morgan and Mercy A. Olmstead

current market price trends, and region-specific consumer demand characteristics for fresh, tree-ripened peaches will minimize market risk exposure and result in long-term sustainability of the Florida peach industry. Materials and methods To determine the

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Neel Kamal and Christopher S. Cramer

population NMSU 07-35-1 (32.3) at 25 WAP. No differences were observed for leaf color, leaf waxiness, and plant maturity between the aforementioned selected lines and the original breeding lines (data not shown), making foliage characteristics and maturity

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Mengmeng Zhang, He Huang, Qing Wang, and Silan Dai

multiflora chrysanthemum. The judgment matrix was structured, and the greatest characteristic root and characteristic vector were calculated ( Supplemental Tables 3 – 6 ). The characteristic vector of each judgment matrix was the weight of the lower index

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Winston Elibox and Pathmanathan Umaharan

and productivity. The three parameters loaded on the first component can be referred to as leaf size parameters. The four parameters loaded on the second component can be referred to as spathe characteristics and the two parameters loaded on the third

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Paongpetch Phimchan, Suchila Techawongstien, Saksit Chanthai, and Paul W. Bosland

stress ( Estrada et al., 1999 ) with some of the increase resulting from varietal differences ( Sung et al., 2005 ). In addition, the stress level and physiological responses related to growth, yield, and pungency level were good criteria for evaluating

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Aparna Gazula, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, Joseph C. Scheerens, and Peter P. Ling

leaf coloration provided by human panelists. Photographs and digital images combined with conjoint or cluster analysis have been successfully applied in evaluations of consumer responses to various external characteristics of apples ( Cliff et al., 2002

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Guillermo Padilla, María Elena Cartea, and Amando Ordás

blade blistering and concave lamina, terminal first flowering habit, and white flowers. The second level, present in 15 landraces, had the same characteristics except for leaf blade and for the first flowering habit. UPGMA-MLM divided the 18 populations

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Nobutaka Shiraiwa, Kaori Kikuchi, Ichiro Honda, Masayoshi Shigyo, Hiroko Yamazaki, Daisuke Tanaka, Kenji Tanabe, and Akihiro Itai

physiological processes during plant growth, one of the most characteristic of which is shoot elongation ( Davies, 2004 ). It was previously reported that GA-defective and non-responding plants show a dwarf phenotype ( Hooley, 1994 ; Swain and Olszewski, 1996