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Carl E. Niedziela Jr. and Guochen Yang

Plug seedlings of Celosia cristata L. `Persimmon Chief' were planted in four production systems (harvest lugs, lay-flat bags, pots, and polystyrene trays) on 7 May 2004. Production systems were randomized in a Latin-square design with four replications of each system. Each treatment plot was 0.7 m × 1.1 m. Planting density was 31 plants/m2. The harvest lugs were 55 cm × 37 cm × 16 cm. The lay-flat bags were 114 cm × 30 cm × 3 cm. The pots were 25 cm bulb pans. The polystyrene trays were 67 cm × 34 cm × 5 cm and contained 32 square cells. All of the containers were filled with the same tobacco germination media. The plants in the harvest lugs, lay-flat bags and pots were irrigated daily with 150 mg·g-1 N from 20N–4.4P–16.6K. The plants in the polystyrene trays were floated on a solution of 150 mg·g-1 N from 20N–4.4P–16.6K. Float solutions were monitored and adjusted weekly for volume and fertilizer concentration. Individual stems were harvested at the appropriate stage of development for market. The fresh weight, stem length and flower diameter of individual stems were recorded. Stems produced in float trays had the lowest fresh weight (162.2 g). Stems grown in harvest lugs (363.5 g) weighed more than those in pots (298.4 g) but not lay-flat bags (338.4 g, lsd 0.05 = 42.7). Stems grown in float trays (88.8 g) were shorter than lay-flat bags (121.5 g), harvest lugs (120.5 g), and pots (113.5 cm, lsd 0.05 = 10.5). Flower diameter did not differ between production systems (mean diameter = 7.2 cm).

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Joanne E. MacDonald and John N. Owens

, abnormal bud development after multiple applications of SDs can occur in coastal douglas fir seedlings (MacDonald, unpublished results), which necessitates culling of affected seedlings during morphological grading (R. Merrell, BCMOFR, personal

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Toshio Shibuya, Ryosuke Endo, Yuki Kitamura, Yoshiaki Kitaya, and Nobuaki Hayashi

under FL H or 6 d under ML, sample seedlings from each treatment group were taken to measure the net photosynthetic rate (P n ) and quantum yield of photosystem II photochemistry (Ф PSII ; Maxwell and Johnson, 2000 ). Because of the faster development

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Tong Zhang, Yingjie Yan, Chuantong Li, Junmei Liu, Dongxue Yin, Xiangying Xiong, Wei Liu, and Yueqin Yang

germination and seedling establishment are critical and complicated processes in the growth and development of plants, which directly affect the spatial distribution and reproductive evolution of plant population ( Vijai Anand et al., 2020 ). Illumination time

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Thibault Nordey, Elias Shem, and Joel Huat

, 2003 ). Synchronizing the development of seedlings used as scions and rootstocks is one of the technical challenges of grafting, especially for heterografting. Seedlings of eggplant, african eggplant, and wild species used as tomato rootstocks are

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Ute Albrecht and Kim D. Bowman

. L. asiaticus infection on seed quality and seedling development and whether seedlings grown from affected fruit develop HLB disease. Two experiments were conducted using either seeds from rootstock source trees of six different genotypes or seeds

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Seth D. Wannemuehler, Chengyan Yue, Wendy K. Hoashi-Erhardt, R. Karina Gallardo, and Vicki McCracken

cultivar development in the program, costs for 10 years of hybrid crosses and subsequent evaluation stages were estimated. An average year in the strawberry program can result in ≈3500 seedlings planted in seedling trials, and yearly crosses result in

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Elisha O. Gogo, Mwanarusi Saidi, Francis M. Itulya, Thibaud Martin, and Mathieu Ngouajio

seeds are expensive and farmers in developing countries cannot afford poor germination as a result of unfavorable growing conditions [ Horticultural Crop Development Authority (HCDA), 2006 ]. In addition, tomato seedling production in many parts of sub

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Jayesh B. Samtani, John B. Masiunas, and James E. Appleby

seedlings were sprayed with water. Seedlings were treated at the leaf unfolding stage on 8 June 2005 for both species and on 5 and 7 June 2006 for red and white oaks, respectively. In 2006, rate of leaf development differed between the two species. A layer

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Nicole L. Waterland and Richard J. Gladon

history stages of salt marsh plants. II. Early seedling development advantage of Spartina alterniflora over Phragmites australis (Poaceae) Amer. J. Bot. 83 1343 1350