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James A. Hardin, Michael W. Smith, Paul R. Weckler, and Becky S. Cheary

meter measurements were taken. The camera images were 1392 × 1040 pixels by eight bits (256 intensity levels) in three optical wavebands centered at 550, 670, and 780 nm (± 10 nm) through a 14-mm focal length lens. The camera was mounted on a truck at a

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Mingying Xiang, Justin Q. Moss, Dennis L. Martin, and Yanqi Wu

; Spectrum Technologies, Aurora, IL)]; DGCI and visual rating (VR), by a smartphone app (FieldScout ® GreenIndex+ Turf App, Spectrum Technologies); and DIA, by a digital single-lens reflex camera and the SigmaScan Pro 5 software (Systat Software, San Jose

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Michael C. Long, Stephen L. Krebs, and Stan C. Hokanson

lens to confirm whether they were resistant (mycelia and conidia absent) or susceptible (mycelia present). Data were collected in late August of 2002, 2003, and 2004 in Ohio and in late August of 2003 and 2004 in Minnesota. The Minnesota site was not

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Na-Hyun Song and Yeh-Jin Ahn

(sHSPs). sHSPs are ≈15 to 42 kDa in size and are characterized by a conserved α-crystallin domain of the vertebrate eye lens at their C-terminus ( Haslbeck et al., 2005 ). In plants, sHSPs are the most abundant and diverse HSPs produced at high

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Cary A. Mitchell

and quality? Are white LEDs per se the answer? Present white LED technology consists of blue LEDs with a phosphor coating inside the lens cap ( Pimputkar et al., 2009 ), but the white emissions still are rich in blue light, so they may not have exactly

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Alberto Sánchez-Estrada and Julián Cuevas

small areas of the stigma defined by the field observed by the microscope objective lens (×40), and then the total number per flower was calculated taking into account the common size of the stigma of ‘Manzanillo’ ( Griggs et al., 1975 ). Pollen

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Vahid Rahimi Eichi, Stephen D. Tyerman, and Michelle G. Wirthensohn

Walther, P. 2003 Cryo-fracturing and cryo-planning for in-lens cryo-SEM, using a newly designed diamond knife Microsc. Microanal. 9 279 285 Wilson, K.B. Baldocchi, D.D. Hanson, P.J. 2000 Quantifying stomatal and non-stomatal limitations to carbon

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Omar A. Lopez, Danny L. Barney, Bahman Shafii, and William J. Price

<600 μm in diameter. Undersized, broken, and deformed seeds were removed under a magnifying lens. Subsamples (i.e., a replication per treatment per accession) of 50 seeds were put into 1.5-mL microcentrifuge tubes and covered with tap water to imbibe

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Chao Gao, Deyi Yuan, Ya Yang, Bifang Wang, Dongming Liu, and Feng Zou

the central cell ( Fig. 3L ). It adhered to the membrane of the polar nucleus, and the male nucleus resembled a convex lens at this moment ( Fig. 3M ). The membranes of the male and polar nuclei fused ( Fig. 3N ). Dispersed male chromatin can be

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Yeh-Jin Ahn and Na-Hyun Song

), the mitochondria (M), and the chloroplast (C). Such sHSPs are characterized by a conserved α-crystalline domain (90 a.a.), which is also present in the α-crystalline proteins of the vertebrate eye lens, located at their carboxyl-terminal. The α