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Zhiyong Hu, Min Zhang, Qigen Wen, Jie Wei, Hualin Yi, Xiuxin Deng, and Xianghua Xu

epidermis, endothecium, and middle layer of the anther wall ( Fig. 4A–D ), but only minor red coloring appeared in tapetal cells in the tetrad stage ( Fig. 4C and D ). The tetrad was labeled red, indicating the presence of insoluble polysaccharides in the

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Steven M. Todd, Van-Den Truong, Kenneth V. Pecota, and G. Craig Yencho

/or coloring patterns that were not present in either parent. Such transgressive segregation is likely due to the highly heterozygous, autohexaploid nature of sweetpotato. ‘L96-117’ × ‘NC415’, a cross of an orange parent by a purple, generated one of the most

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Shin Hiratsuka, Yuka Yokoyama, Hiroshi Nishimura, Takayuki Miyazaki, and Kazuyoshi Nada

involved in organic acid, amino acid and sugar metabolism, and photosynthesis during the ripening of blackberry fruit J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 134 167 175 Huang, C. Yu, B. Teng, Y. Su, J. Shu, Q. Cheng, Z. Zeng, L. 2009 Effects of fruit bagging on coloring

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Alireza Pourreza, Won Suk Lee, Mark A. Ritenour, and Pamela Roberts

spot becomes apparent at the time of fruit coloring just before harvesting ( Dewdney et al., 2014 ). Fruit that have CBS lesions are nonvaluable for the fresh markets. Premature fruit drop is also a consequence of CBS disease in severe conditions. There

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Eric T. Wolske, Bruce E. Branham, and Kevin J. Wolz

viticulture to describe the ripening process of berries based on color change, softening, and biochemical change of the berries. Veraison was recorded as the percentage of berries with dark purple coloring and was visually estimated weekly for each plant and

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Wei Wu, Shijia Wen, Tangkai Feng, Guoke Chen, and Bo Yang

chinense var. rubrum leaves in hot season Hunan Agr. Sci. 4 43 45 Jiang, W.B. Zhuang, M. Hua, G.P. 2005 Research progress on the coloring mechanism and photosynthetic characteristics of colorful-leaf plants Acta Hort. Sinica 32 2 352 358

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Thomas Graham, Ping Zhang, Youbin Zheng, and Michael A. Dixon

accomplished by adding a transparent alpha channel to the image and coloring the dominant background color (white) to that channel, effectively removing the background from the range of analysis colors. After modification of the images ( Fig. 1B–C ), the

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Sandra B. Wilson, Gary W. Knox, Keona L. Muller, Rosanna Freyre, and Zhanao Deng

identification, each pollinated flower was marked by coloring the remaining sepal on the spike with a permanent marker. This process was repeated during a period of 10 d, completing ≈20 pollinations per spike to a total of 55 pollinations for nettleleaf

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Paweł Wójcik, Anna Skorupińska, and Hamide Gubbuk

influence fruit size, although it is known that auxins participate in cell division and elongation. Table 4. Effect of sprays of tryptophan (L-TRP) and calcium chloride on ‘Red Jonaprince’ apple quality at harvest. Apple skin coloring and russeting were

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Jan Bizjak, Nika Weber, Maja Mikulic-Petkovsek, Ana Slatnar, Franci Stampar, Zobayer Alam, Karl Stich, Heidi Halbwirth, and Robert Veberic

and years with poor coloring conditions. Phostrade Ca (Pho Ca) is a concentrated liquid P solution containing calcium and nitrogen recommended for foliar application at the beginning of fruit formation and during fruit enlargement and maturation. P