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Andrea Quintana, Rosanna Freyre, Thomas M. Davis, and Robert J. Griesbach

enzymes chalcone synthase and flavanone 3-hydroxylase from flowers of A. monelli ‘Skylover Blue’ and ‘Sunrise’ and reported finding only pelargonidin derivatives in flowers of ‘Sunrise’ and only malvidin derivatives in flowers of ‘Skylover Blue’. At

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Zhong-Bin Wu, Hsin-Mei Ku, Yuh-Kun Chen, Chung-Jan Chang, and Fuh-Jyh Jan

. Lemieux, C. Jorgenson, R. 1990 Introduction of a chimeric chalcone synthase gene into petunia results in reversible co-suppression of homologous genes in trans Plant Cell 2 279 289 Nemec S. Jr 1967

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Hsing-Ying Chung, Ming-Yih Chang, Chia-Chyi Wu, and Wei Fang

R 87 :B 13 treatment, but it decreased the FW of lettuce. This result was consistent with the findings of the present study. Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) and chalcone synthase (CHS) are key enzymes in the biosynthetic pathway of anthocyanin

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Xin Zhao, Edward E. Carey, Janice E. Young, Weiqun Wang, and Takeo Iwamoto

Polyphenols in greenhouse and open-air-grown lettuce Food Chem. 79 337 342 Shvarts, M. Borochov, A. Weiss, D. 1997 Low temperature enhances petunia flower pigmentation and induces chalcone synthase gene

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Ignasi Iglesias and Simó Alegre

cooling with overtree microsprinkler irrigation to improve fruit color and quality of ‘Mondial Gala’ apples Scientia Hort. 93 39 51 Ju, Z. Liu, C. Yuan, Y. 1995 Activities of chalcone synthase and UDPGal: Flavonoid-3-glycosyltransferase in relation to

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Wanyu Xu, Chen Chen, Ningning Gou, Mengzhen Huang, Tana Wuyun, Gaopu Zhu, Han Zhao, Huimin Liu, and Lin Wang

. Biol. Chem. 282 50 36292 36302 Koch, M.A. Haubold, B. Mitchell-Olds, T. 2000 Comparative evolutionary analysis of chalcone synthase and alcohol dehydrogenase loci in Arabidopsis, Arabis, and related genera (Brassicaceae) Mol. Biol. Evol

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Winston Elibox and Pathmanathan Umaharan

. Hort. Sci. 85 642 646 Shvarts, M. Borochov, A. Weiss, D. 1997 Low temperature enhances petunia flower pigmentation and induces chalcone synthase gene expression Acta Physiol. Plant. 99 67 72

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Josh B. Henry, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Ingram McCall, and Brian E. Whipker

biosynthetic pathway. These enzymes include phenylalanine ammonia lyase, chalcone synthase, dihydroflavonol-4-reductase, and 3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase ( Deroles, 2009 ; Plaxton and Carswell, 1999 ). These enzymes are used in the

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Mustafa Ozgen, Faith J. Wyzgoski, Artemio Z. Tulio Jr, Aparna Gazula, A. Raymond Miller, Joseph C. Scheerens, R. Neil Reese, and Shawn R. Wright

. Cancer 54 148 156 Li, Y. Yan, H. Zhou, B. Kawabata, S. Sakiyama, R. 2003 Role of chalcone synthase and dihydrofalvonol reductase in light dependent accumulation of anthocyanins in ‘Toyonoka

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Yi Gong, Ronald B. Pegg, Adrian L. Kerrihard, Brad E. Lewis, and Richard J. Heerema

potentials of antioxidants in crops. To this point, solar radiation, specifically ultraviolet B (i.e., λ = 280 to 315 nm), has been shown to upregulate phenylalanine ammonia lyase and chalcone synthase, which are key factors in the initiation of phenolics